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Warrior Nation crushes Faga'itua's hope of a postseason

Koison Ozu (1) for the Warriors returning this punt during the second half of a Junior Varsity game against the Faga’itua Vikings last Saturday morning at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. Ozu led the Warriors to a 24-0 victory. [photo: TG]Tafuna Warriors head coach pointing towards the Vikings sidelines and encouraging his Warriors during a time out of a JV game against the Vikings last Saturday morning, where Tafuna smashed Faga’itua in a 24-0 shut out JV victory.  [photo: TG]O’Neil Ah Ching of Faga’itua returning a kick off all the way into Warriors territory – the longest conversion for the Vikings during the match. Faga'itua went scoreless 0 to 24, in this JV match up.  [photo: TG]Francisco Mauigoa of Tafuna rolling out with the ball, and locking on to his receiver Pa’apa’a Mauigoa, during the first quarter of their JV match up against the Vikings last Saturday morning. The Warriors won 24-0.  [photo: TG]Faga’itua Vikings Advent Migi following his blocker Pitonu’u Ah Sue on his way towards the sidelines on a pitch play, during the opening half of their Varsity match up against the Warriors last Saturday afternoon. The Vikings lost to the Warriors in a one- possession game 30- 22. [photo: TG]
Tafuna remains the only undefeated team

ASHSAA's sixth week of high school football action at the Veterans Memorial Stadium this past weekend was also the opening of the second round of the regular season for both varsity and JV divisions.

Many were hoping for a Tafuna loss against the Vikings last weekend, so the two powerhouses could see each other in post season playoffs but the Warrior Nation said, "NOT THIS TIME," as Tafuna sent both Vikings divisions home with losses.

For now, Tafuna remains the only undefeated team in the league, so their quest for a championship title is within reach, as ASHSAA has already announced that whichever team remains undefeated throughout the season, will automatically be crowned champions. There will be no separate championship game.

Coverage of the 2017-18 ASHSAA high school football season is sponsored by Congresswoman Aumua Amata.

The Warrior Nation, led by principal Tutuila Togilau and head coach Kolose Ili made a huge statement in their last match up against the Vikings.

Tafuna defeated the Big Red Machine for the 2nd time this season (30-22) in the varsity division and a 24-0 beating in the JV division.



It was a scoreless first half for the Vikings, as Tafuna’s defensive unit, led by defensive coordinator Kevin Magalei, managed to hold the Vikings in a tough position.

The Warriors claimed victory from the beginning of the match, as they scored during their first offensive possession of the game.

After receiving the opening kick off and returning it to midfield, the Warriors' offensive unit, led by Tala Sufia, moved the chains downfield and spotted a fortunate first down situation on Faga’itua’s 15-yard line.

An inside hand off to Panapa Filoiali’i put the Warriors on the board, with just 8:15 into the opening quarter of the game.

The two-point conversion pass was caught by Pene Fa’avae in the end zone to put the Warriors on top with an 8-point lead.

The Vikings' No-Huddle Offense — known for their unstoppable running game — was all plugged up by Elton Titania and the Warriors defense, who completely shut down the Vikings in the opening half of play.

6:50 into the second half of play, and the Warriors second down possession from midfield — a special half-back pass play from Fa’avae who ran with the ball towards the sidelines, and looked far to the opposite side of the field to find Sufia wide open for their second touchdown of the game: a long pass from Fa’avae to Sufia on the special play for six.

The two-point conversion by Fetu Gaoa was good and gave them an early 16-point lead.

The Vikings, known to be ‘the’ second half team of the league, surely cooked up something for the Warriors, as they lived up to their reputation and started to wreak havoc in the second half of the match. Vikings first down inside the red zone, and Vito Kitiona with a quarterback keep scored the Vikings first touchdown of the game, an 8-yard possession for Kitiona.

The two-point conversion, a quarterback draw by Kitiona was stopped short, as he was tackled immediately in the backfield by Elton Titania.

The Vikings trailed the Warriors 6-16 with 4:07 remaining in the third.

Not too long after that — 3:04 remaining in the third — and the Warriors played a first down situation from Faga’itua’s 45-yard line, a long pass from near midfield.

Sufia connected with Fa’avae on a post route and scored another Warriors touchdown, extending their lead to 22-6.

Late in the third, with 1:46 remaining, the Vikings managed to move the ball downfield.

Some good passing plays to DJ Grey, and running opportunities by Pitonu’u Ah-Sue, spotted the Vikings a first down situation on the Warriors 20-yard line. From there, Kitiona kept the ball on a quarterback keeper and scored his second touchdown of the game for the Vikings, who now trailed the Warriors 12-22.

The two-point conversion, another quarterback draw by Kitiona, inched the Vikings back to trail the Warriors 14-22 with 1:23 remaining in the third.

6:34 in the final quarter of play, and the Warriors strength intensifies unanimously, as their running game couldn’t be stopped by the Mageo twins and the Vikings defense.

Tafuna’s first down situation on Faga’itua’s 6-yard line was an inside hand off to Panapa Filoiali’i who scored another touchdown for the Warriors.

The two-point conversion, a pass to Pene Fa’avae, was good enough to put them ahead 30-14.

Just when the Warriors thought they had the match in the bag, Kitiona led a desperate drive for the Vikes with just 2:34 remaining in the ball game.

On Faga’itua’s third down possession from Tafuna’s 15-yard line, Kitiona was not able to find an open receiver, so he opted to keep the ball and ran it in for his third quarterback keep - a touchdown - in the final half of play. The two-point conversion, another quarterback draw by Kitiona, was good and had the Vikes trailing Tafuna 22-30.

After receiving the kick off from the Vikes, the Warriors played smart. They played the clock. giving Faga'itua a taste of their own medicine.

The Warriors went into victory formation in the final seconds of the match. Another win in the books for Tafuna, the only undefeated team in the league.



The Vikings JV squad suffered a brutal loss against Tafuna last Saturday morning.

The Vikes didn’t see the end zone at all, as the Warriors' defensive unit declined them of any touchdown or point converting possessions throughout the match.

The Warrior Nation started to get things going from the 7th minute of the opening quarter – Tafuna’s first down possession inside the red zone, and Francisco Mauigoa finds (#11), hooking up on the quick pass for the opening touchdown of the game. The two-point conversion hand off to Koison Ozu was stopped short by Aleipata Manuleleua just shy of the goal line.

8:02 in the second quarter, as Mauigoa moved the chains downfield with a combination of run and gun attack, the Warriors spotted a second down situation from Faga’itua’s 20-yard line, where he hooked up with (#2) on an out route for their second touchdown of the game.

Tafuna opened up the second half with a quarterback draw by Mauigoa for their third touchdown of the game, a 10-yard conversion that extended the Warriors lead 18-0.

Late in the final quarter of play, with just 2:03 remaining in the ball game, Tafuna’s first down from Faga’itua’s 20-yard line, and Mauigoa sends Ozu straight up the middle with an option give.

Ozu, "The Samurai”— broke two tackles on his way to scoring his first touchdown of the game.

The Warriors crushed the Vikings 24-0