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Vikes shut out Wildcats

Nu’uuli Wildcats quarterback, Daniel Maea scrambling out with the ball and opting to keep it on a play-action pass play against the Vikings last Friday evening at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. [photo: TG]O’Neil Ah Ching of the Vikings storming towards the sidelines to gain huge yardage for Faga'itua in their Junior Varsity match up against the Wildcats last Friday evening – the Vikings won 8-0.  [photo: TG]Faga’itua Vikings running back, Jesse Toilolo dancing through midfield and reading his defenders as he carries the rock for the Vikings in the second half of their Junior Varsity game against the Wildcats last Friday evening. Toilolo helped the Vikings to a 8-0 victory.  [photo: TG]Faga'itua's Advent Migi carrying the ball and staring down Dennis Enoka from Nu’uuli before a collision at the line of scrimmage during the second half of their Varsity match up this past Saturday morning at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. Migi helped the Vikings win 53-0. [photo: TG]receiving a pass from Kitiona for a two-point conversion, in the second half of their Varsity game against Nu’uuli. The Vikings claimed their second victory of the season with 53 unanswered points this past Saturday.  [photo: TG]Steven Fiso of Faga’itua returning a kick-off for the Vikings in the third quarter of their Varsity game last Saturday morning against Nu’uuli.  [photo: TG]Pitonu’u Ah-Sue of the Vikings carrying this one to the house – scoring his first touchdown of the game in the third quarter of play against the Nu’uuli Wildcats last Saturday morning at the Veteran Memorial Stadium. Ah-Sue helped the Vikings in a 53-point victory against Nu’uuli.  [photo: TG]
Faga'itua wins its second victory of the season in both divisions

During the third week of the American Samoa High School Athletics Association’s (ASHSAA) football season, head coach Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase and his Faga’itua Vikings claimed their second win of the season in both divisional battles against the Nu’uuli Wildcats.

The Vikings' varsity squad shut out the Wildcats with a final score of 53-0.

Meanwhile, the Vikings' JV team was able to score the only touchdown of their match-up against Nuuuli, during the final minutes of the game.

Congresswoman Aumua Amata is sponsor of the coverage of the ASHSAA football season 2017-18.

The Faga’itua Vikings defensive unit, spearheaded by three freshmen players: Maurice Ta’ala and the Mageo twins (Georgia & Georgie), led the Vikings to a lopsided victory against the Wildcats this past Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.

JUNIOR VARSITY: Faga’itua 8 - Nu’uuli 0

Despite a resounding performance by the Vikings varsity team, Samoa News cannot say the same for its JV squad, as the Wildcats' defensive unit managed to stop the Vikings throughout ninety-nine percent of the ball game.

It wasn't until the final minutes of the match, that Faga’itua’s desperate passing game finally struck gold.

3:22 remaining in the ball game — Faga’itua Vikings first down inside Wildcats territory — and the Vikings quarterback turns to float one to the corner of the end zone that was caught by Elijah Taufuiava for the only touchdown of the match.

The two-point conversion hand off to Iosua Ato was good enough to give Faga'itua the win, their second one this season.

VARSITY DIVISION: Faga’itua 53 - Nu’uuli 0

The Big Red Machine wasn’t playing around when they opted to send the opening kick off to the Wildcats — as their defensive unit stomped all over Jerry Isaako, Iosefa Mauga and Nuuuli's offense, putting pressure on them from the get.

11:52 into the opening quarter, and Faga’itua’s Vito Kitiona looks far to find a wide open Jeffery Fulu, who had no one covering him on a post route play action pass between Fulu and Kitiona for the opening touchdown of the game.

The two-point conversion by DJ Grey put the Vikes ahead with an early 8-point lead.

9:55 still in the opening quarter and the Vikings march the ball downfield, spotting a fortunate first down situation on the Wildcats' 5-yard line – a quarterback keeper by Kitiona added six more points to the Vikings lead.

Later on in the match, 10:02 into the third quarter of play, and the Vikings find another open window.

The Vikings' third down on the Wildcats' 25-yard line, and Kitiona hits Aroni Taua’a in the numbers to score another Faga’itua touchdown. The two-point conversion by Kitiona extended the lead to 20 points.

In the third – Faga’itua's Kitiona again punched in six points from a quarterback keep, but this came after he had bombed a long pass out to receiver Steven Fiso for a huge setup gain of yardage.

The Vikings have a reputation for turning up the heat in the second half and this past Saturday, they surely lived up to it when they just stepped on the gas and floored it without mercy.

7:32 still in the third quarter, and Kitiona finds Fulu again on the long pass for a huge gain, one that set them up inside the Wildcats' red zone, where Kitiona sent Pitonu’u Ah Sue up the middle for another Faga’itua touchdown.

The two- point conversion, a quick slant pass out to Steven Fiso secured them a 38-point lead.

With just a minute remaining in the third quarter, Kitiona decided to run in his fourth quarterback keep for a touchdown, and the Wildcats just couldn’t find an answer to Faga’itua’s unstoppable No-Huddle Offense, especially after Nu’uuli lost its best defensive player, middle linebacker Branson Pualau to an injury during the third quarter of the game.

Samoa News points out that this was Pualau’s first appearance on the field this year, as he sat out their first game against Tafuna due to a knee injury that occurred during summer preparations.

It appeared last Saturday that Pualau has re-injured the same knee. He was out for the rest of the game.

3:58 remaining in the ball game, and the unstoppable Big Red Machine attacked again, Faga’itua’s second down on Nu’uuli’s 10-yard line, a pitch play out to Advent Migi was good for the final touchdown of the game.

The two-point conversion by Tauma’oe Filipo was good and results in a final score of 53-0.