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Samoana Sharks zoom past the Vikings with a 30-0 win

Samoana Sharks' Marcus SamiaJesse Toilolo of the VikingsSamoana Sharks quarterback, Viliamu Tanielu Faga’itua Vikings quarterback, LJ Apisala
Meanwhile, Warriors & Lions JV match up ‘might’ be a double-forfeit

There was an interesting buzz in ASHSAA’s Junior Varsity Division this past weekend, after the Tafuna Warriors refused to play the Lions because of the weather, although both teams showed up.

A reliable source told Samoa News that a decision on this match hasn’t been finalized yet, but it will most likely be a double-forfeit for both teams.

Samoa News coverage of the 2018 ASHSAA football season is sponsored by Congresswoman Aumua Amata.


The Warriors — soaked and drenched in the rain — waited nearly two hours for the arrival of their opponents, the Leone Lions, this past Friday evening at the Veterans Memorial Stadium, as wind gusts picked up and started to give Tafuna High School players a cold.

(Samoa News notes that because the school buses have to transport students first, Leone was late to the game by nearly two hours.)

When head coach Oakland Salave’a and his Lions finally entered the stadium, Samoa News noticed that THS head coach Kevin Magalei and THS principal Tutuila Togilau met with Salave’a and Leone HS principal Beauty Tuiasosopo at the center field where they agreed to call off the game, solely because of the weather, as the Warriors were drenched and cold from the nearly two hours of waiting for the Lions.

Samoa News saw ASHSAA officials and DOE sports officials meet with both parties and argued that the game must go on – but both schools made their decision and agreed on calling the game off, meaning there were no JV games last Friday evening.

A DOE sports official told Samoa News that “the decision — whether there is a game or not — isn’t up to the principals or the schools; it is up to DOE and ASHSAA to call it off, and for them to call off the game like that should be a double-forfeit.”

If the decision by DOE/ASHSAA results in a double-forfeit, it will ruin Tafuna’s undefeated record.


Head coach Pati Pati and the Blue Empire were thrilled to see that their defending divisional champs, Samoana Sharks, are looking a lot like last year's squad, when they were firing on all cylinders to send the Big Red Machine back to the East side, scoreless.

The Blue Empire drew first blood early in the ball game, going to their ‘Air Attack’ with Viliamu Tanielu under center – Samoana’s second down from the 38 yard line, and Tanielu fires a long pass to Allen Seagai who hauled in the catch just past a defender and stormed his way to the end zone to score the first touchdown of the game with just 5:23 into the opening quarter of play.

The two-point attempt was an inside hand off to Justin Talauega to secure an 8-point lead early into the ball game.

The Vikings, who had a hard time defending against Tanielu and his unpredictable attacks, fell short again. This time inside the red zone – Samoana’s first and goal from the 1-yard line and Tanielu sends Fa’atonu up the middle with the counter hand-off to score Samoana’s second touchdown of the game.

Tanielu secured Samoana’s 16-point lead after crossing the goal line with a quarterback keeper with just 6:33 remaining in the first half of the match.

But that wasn't it. The Sharks decided to give the Vikes one last scare into halftime – 3 seconds remaining in the first half and Samoana was again knocking on the door from the 3-yard line. From there, Tanielu rolled out with the play action pass to find Dean Briski in the end zone, connecting for Samoana’s third touchdown of the match.

Their PAT was a play action move by Tanielu who, instead of looking for a receiver, tucked and ran with it as he passed the goal line to secure Samoana’s 24-point lead into the half.

Samoana’s defensive hold only intensified in the second half, as they managed to shut out the Vikings. At the same time, Faga’itua’s Jesse Toilolo and his defense managed to pick up the pace and post threat to the Sharks throughout the remainder of the match, as they only slipped up once in the second half to allow Samoana a touchdown.

After picking up numerous yards on the ground game, and Samoana’s third and goal at the 9-yard line, the Sharks sealed the deal with a  30-point victory.



The JPS Sharks were more than happy to score the first touchdown of the season, as well as their first extra point conversion for the season during their match up against the JPS Wildcats last Thursday evening.

Even though Nu’uuli won 18-8, they applauded the Sharks for finally getting on the board this year.


Head Coach Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase and his JPS Vikings continue to wreak havoc in the Junior Prep Sports (JPS) Division, as they still remain undefeated into the second round of their divisional competition.

The Vikings beat the defending divisional champs, the JPS Lions, in a one possession victory, 8-0.