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Postcard from Team American Samoa at Ashgabat

Team American Samoa heading to closing ceremony [photo: Team AS]
Team A.S. Press Attache

The games have been played, the athletes honored, the Medals given out. What an amazing experience for Team American Samoa here at Ashgabat 2017, the 5th Indoor Asian & Martial Arts Games, held in Turkmenistan.

Samoa News coverage of the 5th Indoor Asian & Martial Arts Games is sponsored by Carl's Jr.

Team American Samoa might not have medaled, but two of our athletes made it to the medals round. They had the opportunity of a lifetime to compete against world champions, master athletes, and the best that Asia and Oceania had to offer.

They trained and competed in world class sports venues, such as the sporting world has never seen before. They stayed in the most beautiful athletes’ village that surpasses every Olympic athletes’ village there was, and experienced the hospitality of a people who for the first time ever have opened up their country and themselves to the world. What an experience.

Pictured here is Team AS along with some members of Oceania and the games volunteers as they make their way to the closing ceremonies of the AIMAG.
Oceania was able to walk away with 6 medals at these games, 1 Gold, (Fiji) 2 Silver (Fiji & Marshall Islands and 3 Bronze (Samoa & Australia.) Not an easy feat but accomplished nonetheless.

Team AS would like to thank our Island, families and friends for the prayers and support — our sponsors, Carl’s Jr, Aunu’u Chen/Tutuila Store, Teri Steffany/Island Image for their support of American Samoa’s Athletes.