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Pacific Horizons students are swimming for Physical Education

Pacific Horizons School Swimming 4/5 Grade Class at the Pala Lagoon Swimming Center with Instructors Debbs Cox and Chris DunnPHS high school student works to perfect his freestyle stroke.PHS's high school swimming class with instructor, Debbs Cox
Source: Pacific Horizons media release

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A Partnership Program with the American Samoa Swimming Association, the Pala Lagoon Swimming Center and Pacific Horizons School is piloting swimming lessons as part of Physical Education (PE) classes for their high school and elementary grades 2-5 this 2018-19 school year. 

Since the Pala Lagoon Swimming Center (PLSC) opened its doors in January 2018, the opportunity for ASSA to formalize its swimming development program in an actual pool facility has finally become a reality.

Erika Radewagen, president of the ASSA, made this opportunity possible by securing a grant from FINA Olympics Aquatic Support Program. “A first step in developing a formalized program is to cover basic learn-to-swim lessons and overall stroke development. Working with schools is the most logical way to go about this,” commented Radewagen.

Debbs Cox, an ASSA representative, is the lead instructor for these classes. Cox has been teaching swimming since 2008, including serving as the National Swim Coach for American Samoa in the 2011 South Pacific Games. She holds a Level 2 American Swim Coaches Association certification.

“Pacific Horizons School is delighted to have our students participate in this program. Everyone involved, Nafanua Salanoa, Manager of the PLSC, along with the members of ASSA, have been great to work with. It makes me happy to know that our students are learning a life-saving skill,” remarked Caroline Tuiolosega, PHS school director.