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Lions shut out the Wildcats in Senior Game

Leone Lions' defensive unit devouring Dennis Enoka of the Wildcats at midfield, during the opening quarter of their final game of the season. Leone shut out the Wildcats 32-0. [photo: TG]Wildcats quarterback, Diamond Vea scrambling with the football, after failing to find an open receiver for a pass during the second quarter of their varsity match up against the Lions. The Wildcats were shut out in 32- 0 loss.  [photo: TG]An injured Nu’uuli Wildcat offensive lineman is carried off the field by his teammates, a protocol established by ATC Florence Wasko throughout the season.  [photo: TG]ASHSAA ATC Florence Wasko walking an injured Leone player off the field for a check up, during a time out in the second half of Leone and Nu’uuli’s varsity match up last Saturday afternoon.  [photo: TG]Raymond Paulo, the ‘Iron Man’, taking his second touchdown catch to the end zone – Leone’s second touchdown of the game during the opening half of their varsity match up against the Wildcats last Saturday afternoon. Paulo led the Lions to a 32-0 victory over Nu’uuli.  [photo: TG]Iverson Ta’ase of Leone is stopped immediately in the backfield by Branson Pualau of Nu’uuli during the second quarter of their varsity match last Saturday. Ta’ase and the Lions won 32-0.  [photo: TG]

Head Coach Oakland Salave’a and the Leone Lions are celebrating their final victory of the season, a 32-0 shutout win against the Nu’uuli Wildcats, in the last weekend of regular season for the American Samoa High School Athletics Association (ASHSAA) 2017-18 football season.

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Prior to last week's game, the Wildcats informed ASHSAA that they would not field their Junior Varsity squad during their last scheduled game of the season. According to ASHSAA, this was due to safety reasons.

Nonetheless, the Black and Yellow Wildcats did field their varsity squad, to bid farewell to this year's senior class in a Senior Game against the Lions.   

This is the first year in a long time that the Nu’uuli Wildcats have not secured a single victory in the varsity division. They just haven't been able to fully establish their passing game (most defensive units they face are bound to contain Iosefa Mauga and Nu’uuli’s ground attack).

And with their passing game having no effect, the result is their running game being plugged up again; hence, a shutout.

This was both the Wildcats and the Lions final games of the season.

The semifinals for the varsity division is set for upcoming Saturday, Nov. 18, when No. 2 Faga’itua is scheduled to face off against No. 3 Samoana to determine which team will face the No.1 seed in the division, Tafuna High School.

THS Warriors are taking another weekend off, giving them a lot of time to heal and prepare for the biggest game of the season — their senior game and championship match — all set to be held Nov. 25th.



Branson Pualau, Dennis Enoka, and Iosua Hemingway led the Wildcats' defensive unit to a great start in the opening quarter of the match, as Leone's attempts towards the end zone were denied three times by Nu’uuli.

It wasn’t until the second quarter that they were caught slipping by the Lions, resulting in the first six points of the match.

7:29 into the second quarter of play and the Lions, pinned deep in their own territory, were playing a second and long situation from their own 1-yard line. Konelio Feagia’i looked far to fire a long one to Raymond Paulo who secured the catch near midfield, and turned on his boosters to take this 99-yard touchdown to the house for the opening touchdown of the game.

The two point attempt was an inside hand off to #40 and it was good enough to give them an eight-point lead.

4:09 still in the second quarter of play, and Feagia’i strikes from long range again – Lions first down from midfield and Feagia’i rolls out to fire another long pass out to Raymond Paulo, who secured the catch en-route to the end zone for his second touchdown catch of the game.

With just 33 seconds remaining in the half, the Lions passing game intensified as the Wildcats had double coverage on Paulo. This left an open window for Antwan Legget who secured a long pass from Feagia’i on a third and long situation from their own 15-yard line.

Legget turned it up for six to score his first touchdown of the game going into half time.

The Wildcats were hoping the second half would bring them some kind of luck. But Leone’s gunslinger Feagia’i was on fire and it was a bit too late to hold him back.

3:22 in the third and Feagia’i leads the Lions inside the red zone again for another shot at the end zone. Feagia’i faked a quick pass to Legget and opted to give the hand off to #40 on the draw play for a 5-yard touchdown reception that extended Leone's lead and secured their 4th win of the regular season.