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Leone Lions collect their 1st win of the season over VocTech

Leone Lions quarterback, Oakland Salave’a running downfield with a quarterback keeper for a huge gain for the Lions during the opening half of their Junior Varsity game against the Wildcats this past Saturday morning – the match was scoreless.  [photo: TG]An injured Leone Lion is walked off the field while being checked out by ASHSAA ATC Florence Wasko during the first half of a JV game last Saturday morning at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.  [photo: TG]A Leone Lions tailback being apprehended and about to be tackled for a loss by the Wildcats defense during the second half of play of their Junior Varsity match up where both teams were scoreless last Saturday morning. [photo: TG]A long pass intended for (#1) of the Lions is intercepted by Nu’uuli Wildcats cornerback (#24) near the sidelines during the second half of their Junior Varsity game this past Saturday. [photo: TG]Nu’uuli Wildcats quarterback is immediately sacked hard in the backfield by Cyan Fiatoa during the final quarter of their scoreless JV game that was held this past Saturday morning at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.  [photo: TG]
JV playoffs set for this Saturday

The fifth week of the ASHSAA football season saw head coach Oakland Salave’a and his Leone Lions collecting their first win of the regular season, in the varsity division. However, it was a victory that didn't come easy, as Nu’uuli stood their ground up to the last second.

The 2017- 18 ASHSAA football season coverage is sponsored by Congresswoman Aumua Amata.

Due to a change in schedule that wasn’t received by Samoa News in time, the Leone Lions and Nu’uuli Wildcats varsity game wasn’t covered. Nevertheless, Leone did pick up their initial win of the season after a 20-12 victory over head coach Andrew Bill Ena and his Nu’uuli Wildcats.

After their first win last Thursday evening, the Lions are now (1-3) while the Wildcats are at the bottom of the division with a (0-4) record – they are the two lowest ranked teams in the varsity division, based on current standings.

For now, the Warriors top the division with an undefeated (4-0) record, looking to open up their second round of competition against the Faga’itua Vikings this Friday, as the Vikes are tied with the Samoana Sharks at No. 2, both with a (2-2) record after the Vikings lost to the Sharks (by two points) last Friday.

A reminder to all ASHSAA football fans and supporters: ASHSAA has mandated that any team who stays undefeated will automatically be named champions; however, if all teams have at least one loss, then there will be a play-off and a championship game, similar to the routine in previous years.


Lions 0 – Wildcats 0

Last Saturday morning, the Junior Varsity match up between the Lions and the Wildcats ended with each team being scoreless – as defensive units on both sides of the ball stepped up their game to deny all attempts towards the end zone.

The Lions offense, led by Oakland Salave’a, were all plugged up by the Wildcats run defense, led by middle linebacker Dennis Enoka.

For the Lions, Cyan Fiatoa led the way for Leone’s defensive front, as they managed to contain and wreak havoc in the backfield of Nu’uuli’s offense with tackles for losses, and more.

ASHSAA has scheduled this Saturday to be the date for play-offs for the Junior Varsity Division.

 #1 Samoana will face off against #4 Nu’uuli Wildcats; afterwards, #2 Tafuna will play against #3 Leone.

The championship game for the Junior Varsity Division will be held next weekend.