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ASHSAA Football Week 7: Faga’itua Vikings defeat the Blue Empire 25 - 14

Francisco Mauigoa looking to take this one to the end zoneNu’uuli Wildcats back-up quarterbackThe University of Hawaii Scholarship recipient Steven FisoSamoana Sharks quarterback Anthony Feala
Tafuna Warriors remain undefeated, beating Nu’uuli 48 - 12

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The second week of ASHSAA High School Football round 2 saw Vikings redeeming themselves against the Samoana Sharks. After two straight losses, the Vikings are back in business. The Warrior Nation on the other hand remains the only undefeated team in their division after sending home the Nu’uuli Wildcats with a 48 - 12 loss this past Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Samoa News coverage of the 2018 ASHSAA Football Season is proudly sponsored by Congresswoman Aumua Amata.

If Head Coach Kevin Magalei and his Tafuna Warriors can keep their undefeated record throughout the end of round two, they will be crowned this year’s ASHSAA Varsity Football Champions – they only have two more games to play to prove themselves worthy of the title, but until then, they still have to face the King of the Jungle, Head Coach Okland Salave’a and his Leone Lions, as well as their nemesis, the Big Red Machine, Head Coach Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase and his mighty Faga’itua Vikings.

ASHSAA has adopted last year’s format – whichever team remains undefeated throughout the regular season will automatically be crowned Champions, with no championship game played.

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Head Coach Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase and his mighty Vikings were thrilled to taste victory once again after coming into this one with two straight losses. This time, the Vikings had their rhythm back.

The Big Red Machine shut out the Blue Empire throughout the entire first half of play as the Vikings brought the heat. At the same time, Faga’itua’s Advent Migi and his offense continued to put points on the board as they picked apart the Sharks defensive core to knock out their hopes for a victory.

Migi striking a precisely placed pass into the hands of Steven Fiso during a first down situation at the 15-yard line for Faga’itua’s first touchdown of the match as they took the early six-point lead with just two minutes into the opening quarter of play.

A recovered fumble at midfield saw Migi and his Vikings move the chains downfield in a Power-I formation that seemed unstoppable against Samoana’s defense. 2:11 remaining in the second quarter and the Vikings third down at the 10 yard line saw Migi muscling his way through defenders to score the Vikings third TD of the game. Their two-point attempt was good to secure the Vikings 22-point lead into the half.

In the second half of the game there was a more solid look to Samoana’s defensive unit, as they made adjustments during halftime to solve the problem of stopping the Vikings Power-I formation and they did just that – but the Vikings had other plans for ways to put points on the board.

Faga’itua’s fourth and 11 at the 29-yard line, and Manuita Sofeni was pressured with a long field goal attempt – the 29-yard attempt by Sofeni was good enough to extend the Vikings lead 25 - 0 with just 2 seconds remaining of play in the third quarter.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Sharks were able to answer back to the Vikings – 7:53 remaining in the ball game and Anthony Feala fired a 15-yard slant pass to Paul Fano who hauled in that catch just in time to cross the goal line for Samoana’s first TD of the game. Their two-point attempt was an inside hand off to Mahonri Lotulelei and was good to bring Samoana back to trail the Viking 25 - 8.

Late in the ball game, with just 5:53 remaining to play in the fourth quarter, Anthony Feala moved the chains downfield with numerous opportunities in the mobile game. Not being able to find an open receiver, Feala decided to run the ball, spotting Samoana another threatening opportunity to score from the 1-yard line.

From there, Feala opted to take the ball again, as he muscled his way through defenders to score the Sharks second TD of the game. Their two-point attempt was stopped immediately in the backfield, as Loi Ulugalu and a host of Vikings brought down Lotulelei in the backfield before he could even attempt to go forward.

Game ended with Faga’itua sailing back to the East with a 25 - 14 win.


Head Coach Kevin Magalei and the Warrior Nation remain the No.1 seed in the varsity division, and are still unbeaten in the league, after slaying the Wildcats, It all started early in the opening quarter, when Sophomore quarterback Francisco Mauigoa scored two touchdowns for the Warriors on quarterback keepers to put the Warriors ahead by 12 points – The two-point attempt by Ben Tuimaseve secured Tafuna a 14- point lead in the first quarter of play.

Tafuna’s third TD was in the second quarter, when Mauigoa looked far downfield to fire a long pass to Frank Mulipola who hauled in that pass en-route to the end zone. Their two-point attempt was good to extend their lead 22 - 0.

Warriors eight more points for a 30- 0 lead, saw Tafuna’s Johnny Mavaega pick off Wildcats Jerry Isaako long pass intended for David Talaga on a third and long situation – he returned that interception into Wildcat territory for another Warrior first down inside the red zone. From there, Mauigoa sent Koison Ozu with the inside hand off for another Tafuna TD with just 2:21 remaining in the opening half. Their PAT was good.

It wasn’t until the second half of the match that Nu’uuli was finally able to answer the Warriors 30-point lead – Wildcats second down from the 30-yard line, and Isaako rolled out with the play action pass to find Joe Sava’i deep in the end zone and connected for Nu’uuli’s first TD of the game.

Tafuna answers it late in the third quarter with a six from Mauigoa with one of his unstoppable quarterback keepers, extending their lead 36 - 6.

Opening up the final quarter of the match, Tafuna’s Mauigoa threads a pass to Herman Sufia who secured the catch inside the end zone for another Warrior Nation TD, 42 - 6.

Wildcats did come back for one more TD for a 42- 12 trail when Isaako sends AJ Masunu to the far side with a pitch play to score the Wildcats second touchdown of the match.

But Tafuna gives it one last shot — Warriors first down from midfield and Mauigoa looked to the sidelines to fire a quick wide receiver screen pass to Ben Tuimaseve who secured that catch, broke two tackles and stormed down the sidelines to score the final touchdown of the match as he closed this one off with a Warriors victory 48 - 12.