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ASHSAA Football Week 3: East Side Pride showed No Mercy in their win against the Westerners

Paul Fano of SamoanaJr. Maloa of the Faga’itua VikingsLeone Lions wide receiver Antwan Legget Joseph Mauga of the Nu’uuli Wildcats
Vikings & Sharks bring home some lopsided victories

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Both of ASHSAA Football’s two Varsity Division match ups in Week 3 concluded in favor of the Eastern District side, after the Vikings routed the Wildcats in a lopsided 53 - 14 victory and the Samoana Sharks defeated the Leone Lions in the Clash of the Titans with a 50 - 28 win.

Coverage of the 2018 ASHSAA High School Football season is proudly sponsored and brought to you by Congresswoman Aumua Amata.

The Veterans Memorial Stadium was filled with East Side Pride as they came out in full support of their teams during the triple header match up scheduled this past Saturday.


Head Coach Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase and his Faga’itua Vikings dominated the game from the opening, leading by 31 points in the first half playing a non-stop No-Huddle running game that was supported by a vicious defensive effort to secure their 41 - 8 lead at halftime.

While the win was lopsided, first quarter play by both teams saw a back and forth that kept it close. The Viking take first blood with 6 points; an Advent Migi end zone quarterback keep. Wildcats reply with a Jerry Isaako at center with an option quarterback keeper for 6 points, and then pull 2 points ahead when Wildcats Jeffery Tago cross the goal line on a pitch play to take the lead by two points — 8- 6.

It was at this point that the Vikings went into a powerhouse offensive strategy that assured a steady pace for them along the way – Faga’itua kept their full-house I-Formation and started marching the chains downfield with All-Purpose Player Migi at the helm for the Vikings, leading to the Vikings scoring 4 unanswered touchdowns for a 27-point lead — 35 - 8.

The Vikings were still not finished — when a Vikings defensive interception by Blessing Esekia, brought Migi and his offense out, for another 6 points with Loi Ulugalu securing another six points, his second touchdown of the game, to take the Vikings into half time with a huge 41 - 8 lead.

Second half, sees the Vikings give Migi and Ulugalu a break, and bring in Chris Olo for center and Steven Fiso to line up at tail back in their full house I-Formation – Vikings second and ten from the 30 and Olo sends Fiso straight up the middle for a 35-yard touchdown reception. Vikings are denied two points by Wildcats Calloway Alosio sacking Olo in the back field, but it’s still 47- 8.

Six more points are added to their lead, as Wildcats completely collapse unable to stop Faga’itua’s No-Huddle running game —Fiso scores his second touchdown of the game, securing a Vikings 45-point lead.

At this point, Vikings Head Coach ‘Pooch’ brings in his secondaries for the rest of the game, which leads to the Wildcats scoring the last TD of the game.

It was Mauga spotting his team a desperate first down situation at the 10-yard line. From there, the Wildcats, with 16 seconds remaining in the game, and Isaako opens up the defense when he’s looking to pass, leaving a wide-open field in the middle, allowing him to scramble through and score.

Final score: 53- 14 in favor of the Vikings.


Head Coach Pati Pati and his defending champions pulled away with the victory in the second half of this match up, as the Samoana Sharks only had a four-point lead, 26 – 22 in the first half.

The game started off basically even on both sides, with the Sharks scoring first with a kick off received by Sharks Zephanaiah Pati, who weaved his way through midfield and out to the sidelines to find a wide-open field for an 89-yard touchdown return.

It was answered by the Lions with a pass pick off and a return that went all the way back for Leone’s first touchdown of the game to tie things up six apiece.

Lions still on fire, score another 6 with MJ Danielson at center, firing an accurate pass to Antwan Legget who ran it into the end. Their two- point attempt is an inside hand off to Daniel Peko which gives the Lions an 8-point lead.

Sharks answer, with Anthony Feala leading the way, Avory Seumanutafa connects for a huge Sharks’ first down inside the red zone; and Paul Fano is sent straight up the middle with a draw play that scores Shark’s second TD of the game. Their two-point attempt is unsuccessful with Lions Eddie Siaumau all over the play.

Lions respond with a huge running play by Iversen Ta’ase who plows his way through midfield, breaking tackles on his way to score a 30-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter of play. Peko secures Lions’ two-point attempt, giving them a 22 - 14 lead.

Sharks answer with a Fano TD, but no two-points as the backside judge denies Seumanutafa a successful pass — saying he did not have control of the football coming down. Sharks trail 22 - 18.

Sharks take the official’s call as “bad’ — and answer with Feala making sure that the officials have something to look at, as he fires a long pass downfield to Fitu Amata Jr. who comes down with a one hand catch to secure a Sharks’ touchdown. Their two point-attempt is a play action pass to Leulu Tupuola — giving the Sharks a four-point lead into half time — 26 - 22.

In the second half — the Sharks defensive squad straight up built a wall that the Lions barely breached for the remainder of the match – Sharks offensive side seemed to be still fuming from the ‘bad’ call leading to a second half blow.

Fano, Feala, Amata Jr. Ugaitafa put in three unanswered TDs for a 22- point lead.

Lions finally answer with a long pass – Leone’s third and long from midfield and Danielson drops back to fire a long pass to Ben Tikeri who catches it and takes it into the end zone to scoring Leone’s fourth touchdown for a score of Sharks 44 - 28.

The Lions late comeback was stopped when Sharks Amata Jr. hauls in a 20-yard pass reception from Feala closing the match off with a Samoana victory of 50 - 28.

ASHSAA Football 2018: Varsity Standings as of Week No.3

No. 1 – Faga’itua Vikings

No. 2 – Tafuna Warriors

No. 3 – Samoana Sharks

No. 4 – Nu’uuli Wildcats

No. 5 – Leone Lions