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2018 ASHAA JV Football: Leone and Tafuna bring victories home for the West Side

Tafuna Warriors quarterback, Star LotuleleiLJ Apisala of the Vikings Arian Legget of the LionsViliamu Tanielu

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Although the East side partied with victories in the varsity division this past weekend – the West Side enjoyed their double victories in the Junior Varsity Division after both the Leone Lions and the Tafuna Warriors brought went home victorious — the Warriors shut out the Vikings in a 28-point win and the Lions made sure they sealed the deal this time with a 4-point win over the Sharks.

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Warriors Defensive Coordinator Travis Stowers Pavihi made sure his defense didn’t let down in their showdown against the Big Red Machine, delivering their first shutout of the season – a strong defensive hold by the Warriors led by Sam Logoai.

On the other side of the ball, Tafuna’s offense was able to reload their backfield with different weapons — like Star Lotulelei and Loto Sefo switching up at the quarterback position every now and then to keep the Vikings at a distance — the two players have different styles and strategy in moving the ball down field.

The Vikings gave the Warriors a run for their money in the first quarter, with a strong defensive hold that kept it scoreless for both teams. But in the second quarter, Sefo managed to punch one in for six on a 3-yard quarterback keeper. The 2-point conversion was good with Sefo again crossing the goal line with a quarterback keeper, for 8- 0.

A fumble by Fagaitua gave Tafuna its next TD from Lotulelei when he sent John Allen up the middle to score an 18-yard touchdown reception. The two-point conversion was stopped immediately by the Vikings when  Faga’itua sacked Lotulelei in the backfield for a loss that held the Warriors back at 14-0.

Third quarter play and Tafuna’s third TD hits the field — Lotulelei again turns to Allen on a pitch play from the 25-yard line that he takes into the end zone. The two-point conversion is with Sefo as quarterback to run the ball into the end zone with a quarterback keeper securing the Warriors a 22-point lead.

Fourth quarter and Tafuna seals the deal with Sefo sending (#4) straight up the middle, he slips right through defenders and out to the open field to score the last and final TD of the match – for a 28-0 Warriors victory.


Head Coach Oakland Salave’a made sure they wouldn’t let this one slip out of their fingertips, as they dominated from the beginning — utilizing Oakland “Oakie” Salave’a on both sides of the ball as quarterback and safety.

First TD had Salave’a firing a long pass to Arian Legget who hauled in the catch on the sideline en-route to the end zone. The two-point attempt was denied.

Second TD had Salavea weaving his way through midfield for a 12-point lead into half time.

The Sharks saved their response to Leone in the second half — a fumble when Oakland is busted up in the backfield by (#21) of the Sharks, bringing out Viliamu Tanielu and his offense for a quarterback sneak all the way for Tanielu, who muscled his way behind his blockers to cross the goal line and score Samoana’s first TD of the game.The two-point attempt was a pass to Toa Fa’atonu who secured the catch inside the end zone for a 12-8 scoreboard.

The Sharks offensive line responded with O’Neil Ah-Chee and Marcus Samia carrying the ball all the way to spot Samoana a first down at the 5 yard line – From there, it’s a quarterback keeper from Tanielu to score Samoana’s second TD. The two-point attempt is good to give the Sharks a 16-12 lead.

In the final quarter of play — Salave’a again looked deep to find (#5) downfield to connect on the long pass that gave Leone its third TD of the game, a 30-yard touchdown reception. The 2-pointer was a quarterback keep by Salave’a that put the Lions back up 20-16.

Another Lions’ TD followed – Lions third and long from the 40-yard line and Salave’a looks deep downfield to find (#5) again for a TD with just 2:56 remaining in the ball game as Leone extended their lead 26-16.

The Sharks answered with Tanielu at the helm – 1:22 remaining in the ball game — Tanielu rolls out with the play action pass to look for a receiver and decides to take it himself for Samoana’s third TD of the match, inching them back to trail the Lions 22-26.

2018 ASHSAA Football Junior Varsity standings as of Week 3

1.Tafuna Warriors

2. Samoana Sharks

3. Leone Lions

4. Faga’itua Vikings