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“New Year New You” Fitness Party

Three local boys finishing their 3 hours of workouts at the South Pacific Watersports & Fitness New Year New You Fitness Party in Utulei, last Saturday. It was a SPW open house to kick start your goals to live a healthy & fit life.  [Photo: Ese Malala]Locals and visitors at the South Pacific Watersports & Fitness after the 6am workout posing for a quick picture and getting ready to do the 7am workout. [Photo: Ese Malala]

South Pacific Watersports & Fitness (SPW) kicked into gear their open house “New Year New You” Fitness Party last Saturday to welcome those who have set New Year’s fitness goals to live a healthy and fit life. The fitness sessions started at 6am- 12pm non-stop. Michael and Paula McDonald felt inspired to jump start the New Year by helping the community understand the importance of healthy living.

SPW does classes from Monday to Friday so this past Saturday was a bonus for those who have heard or would like an idea of how to achieve their goal on staying fit and being healthy with SPW.

“I used to go to the regular gym but then after couple of months I slacked off because I felt daunted by the equipment and doing it alone but coming to this class I’m now motivated to workout especially with others who are doing the same as me,” Mani, a 37-year old local female said.

Despite the rain in the early morning, which caused SPW to keep all the workouts inside, this did not stop the locals and visitors from coming to work out. When the rain finally stopped Paula was able to create more workouts outside using ropes and tires.

“I wanted to give up but with the help of my friend & SPW staff encouraging me, by the end of doing two hours of workout inside and outside, it felt so good,” said a world teacher from off-island.

South Pacific Watersports & Fitness does the same workout-of-the-day, but everyone is at different levels of technical ability and strength. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, because each activity can be modified. For example, if you can’t do a pull-up, you can stand on a box and do jumping pull-ups, or add an elastic band to help pull you upward.

“It’s fun but tiring but I kept going because I don’t want my sister and brother to see me stop since were all doing it together,” said Mao, a 15-year-old local boy.

The daily workouts are posted for the whole place; the responsibility for coming up with an effective workout is removed from the individual. You can show up and do the work without thinking about it, which is hugely helpful for someone new to the gym world. The workouts usually have time caps or a pre-determined amount of work that should be completed before you quit, which means the end is always in sight.

The fitness party started at 6am non-stop with approximately 15 people ages 12- 65 years old coming individually, or as a group of friends and families. The fitness party was supposed to end at 12noon but people continued coming in to participate and do the workouts.

“We were suppose to finish at 12noon but we had more people coming in wanting to work out which was great so we did the workouts til we had no one,” Paula McDonald told Samoa News.

SPW believes that more can be accomplished when we work together especially to help you start your fitness goal for the “New Year New You”.

It utilizes a blended approach, mixing personalized fitness programs such as Fita Fita Fit Camp, Suspension Training TRX, Paddles Fitness Samoa, Run Fit and Workouts of the Day.

For more information find them on facebook South Pacific Watersports & Fitness.