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SORENSEN: The beauty of Joe Salave'a

CONVENTIONAL WISDOM would say this: When two prospects from American Samoa are traveling to Washington State for an official recruiting visit it would be prudent to have them fly the leg from Seattle to Pullman. Think of the time being saved, right? Wrong, says Joe Salave'a. Last month, when Robert Barber and Destiny Vaeao tripped to WSU, Salave'a picked them up at Sea-Tac and drove to Pullman.And when their weekend was done, the big defensive line coach drove them back to Sea-Tac. Round trip, we’re talking close to 600 miles and more than nine hours.Pullman’s location, detractors say, is a hindrance in recruiting. Not so, says Joe, who told me last week at WSU’s Signing Day celebration in Spokane that he insisted on driving Barber and Vaeao because it would mean focused, uninterrupted time to talk.