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Following Tuesday’s general election, six new individuals have been elected to the local House of Representatives including one female, and one race is a tie, which will be decided “by lot” —  in accordance with local Election law.

According to the unofficial results of the 2012 House race, the new lawmakers are:

•         Legae’e F. Mauga of  District #3 - Vaifanua, who will replace current incumbent Simei Pulu.

•          Talaimatai Elisara Su’a of District #4 - Saole county, whose incumbent and veteran lawmaker, Tautolo Charlie Agaoleatu didn’t seek reelection;

•         Fagasoaia F.A. Lealaitafea of District #12 - Ituau, replaces incumbent Halafili M Seui. Ituau has two seats, one of which is retained by incumbent Taotasi Archie Soliai, who was re-elected;

•         Florence Saulo of District #16 - Tualauta, replacing incumbent Tapumanaia Galu Satele Jr., this county has two seats one of which was retained by incumbent Larry S. Sanitoa;

•         Timusa Lam Yuen of District #16 - Tualatai, replacing incumbent Galumalemana Bill Satele

•         Atualevao Gafatasi Afalava of District #17 - Leasina, replacing incumbent Maneafaiga F. Faoa.

Lealaitafea and Afalaga are former House members and Saulo will be the only female lawmaker in the House when the new legislature takes the oath of office on Jan. 3, 2013.

The tie race occurred in District #8, Maoputasi #2 (Fagatogo), with exactly 207 votes each for incumbent Vailiuama Steve Leasiolagi and former lawmaker Maugaoali’i L. Sipa Anoai.

Local law (ASCA 6.0901 - states that, in case of the failure of an election by reason of the equality of vote between two or more candidates, the tie shall be decided by lot, under the supervision of the Chief Election Officer.

“When an election is decided by lot, the candidates may agree in a signed statement to the use of a lot. If the candidates agree, they shall be bound by the lot and shall not bring an election contest... after the drawing of the lot,” it says. “Each candidate shall be present at the drawing of the lot together with two witnesses to be selected by him.”

A date for the lot to be drawn is expected to be announced by the Election Office once the waiting period of 7-days expires for anyone who wished to contest the outcome of the election.

After the waiting period, the chief election officer will then declare the results of all races in this year’s election to be official.


House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale regained his seat following the election and House Vice Speaker and Chairman of the House Rules Committee, Rep. Talia Fa’afetai was successful in his re election bid.

Click on attachment to download House results