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Samoana High School home of the Sharks held their Commencement Exercise for the Class of 2012, as 232 Seniors graduated under the theme — ‘A moment lasts all of that second, but the memory lives on forever’.

This year’s Valedictorian was Ioasa Tu’u, while the Salutatorian honor went to Christine Oriana Hall-Luuga. The Commencement Address was offered by Lieutenant Governor Faoa A. Sunia.

Faoa, in his remarks, noted that he wanted the Samoana graduating class of 2012 “to remember this graduation day, because this day is not just another day, it is a great step forward.”

He said, “You want this moment to last forever don’t you? Today is not just another day, it is a great moment, it is a great step forward. How many great moments have you had in your lifetime? For most of you, this day is the first great moment of your life… You earned this achievement of a lifetime and it is real. There can be more and more of these great moments if you have the desire and tenacity to earn it.

“Great moments do not become great on their own. You have to make them happen. You worked hard for this great moment to happen, you earned it,” said the Lieutenant Governor. “Great moments are not going to come looking for you. Nobody is going to create a great moment for you, you have to create your own. Your great moments may be rare and far apart, but when it happens, do not forsake it but appreciate it.”

Confirmation and acceptance of the 2012 Graduating Class of Samoana High School, was conducted by director designee of the Department of Education Dr. Jacinta Galea’i, with the diplomas distributed by Principal of Samoana Rev. Simon Mageo, Rev. Alesana Asiata of the Methodist Church of Pago Pago, Faoa and his wife Elisapeta, Dr. Galea’i, Rev. Ned Ripley and President of the Samoana High School PTA Fuimaono Tamali’i.


Valedictorian Award:            Ioasa Tu’u

Salutatorian Award:            Christine Oriana Hall-Luuga

Citizenship Award:            Savali Sunia

Leadership Award:            Annie A. Lefagaoaliifaasilitofovaiosiliafai

Ta’ita’itama Youth in Action Leadership Council Award:            Savali Sunia

Citizenship Award:            Savali Sunia

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Award:            Akata Niupulusu, Anna Imelda Afoa, Christine Oriana Hall-Luuga, Fi’a Vaeoso, Glory Magele, Ioasa Tu’u, Jeannie Kim, Keith Metuli, Kiri Taylor , Lahaina Taufa’asau, Annie A. Lefagaoaliifaasilitofovaiosiliafai, Nyrese Pato, Patisepa Correia, Pepesina Lefaoseu, Salilo Foifua, Savali Sunia, Savaligasaomanuialeleimaifaatasimalealiiovavega Tunufai, Sinatiloa Puni, Stanislaus Mataese, Suttermemory Talamoni, Talitaliaai Tanielu, Taulagaola Uta’i, Tiaina Taliu, Ulualepapa Sepulona Faleali’i, Wynona Lee

Rotary Club Award:            Talitaliaai Tanielu

Florence Saulo & Associates Scholarship Award:            Anne-Marie Seui, Kiri Taylor, Myrna Vaimauga, Savali Sunia

Gear Up (off island) Award:            Annie Amosa, Ioasa Tu’u

Gear Up (ASCC) Award:            Anna Imelda Afoa, Keith Metuli

McDonalds Award:            Anna Imelda Afoa

Male Scholar Athlete Award:            Sinjin Leseali’i

Female Scholar Athlete:            Taulagaola Uta’i

Male Athlete of the Year:            Abraham Fata

Female Athlete of the Year:            Fuataina Siatu’u




Today is a day of mixed feelings. Feelings of both happiness and sadness. Happy because we will be free after this, getting to do what we want without having to worry about getting suspended over it. It is a day of sadness as well, because after this day we will be free and we will go in our separate ways and most of us may never get to see each other again. We may move on with life, yet we are losing a great deal. Some may soon leave for off island colleges or universities to further our education, or maybe to join the armed forces and by doing this, we will have to say goodbye to our parents, families and friends. We will also lose a lot of great and loving teachers.

We maybe losing a great deal, but we cannot say that we have not gained anything, because it just is not true. We have gained knowledge, experience, responsibility, maturity, integrity and a diploma. These are all very important, but we have also gained something that is far beyond any of these— and that is memories. We have gained a class, friendship, a sense of belonging. To sum it all up, we have gained memories and that is where our theme comes into play.

Our theme states, ‘A moment lasts all of that second, but the memory lives on forever’. Memory is a way of holding on to things you love, the things you are and the things you never want to lose. In the end, fate may take away our parents, our loved ones, our great teachers and our dear governor, but memories, those precious memories that we have all shared would continue to hold and keep us together.

…But today, ladies and gentlemen I stand here before a class that is no longer fractionated by the elementary schools we came from or by the differences that we have. Today on this day, I see only a group of enlightened individuals defined only as Samoana High School Class of 2012. In the past we came divided, but now we leave united.

We could not have made it this far without the help of some important individuals. My fellow classmates, please rise and face your parents at the back. Now repeat after me. Mom and dad, thank you and I love you. Now face your teachers to your left and say, teachers thank you and we love you. Sorry teachers for all of the headaches that we have caused you. I hope that one day we will help carry your bags or help you cross the road. We hope that we can be of use to you guys in the future.

Last, but never the least, mom and dad. There is something I want to say to you: mom and dad, I love you.

Dad the reason why I whispered I love you to you is because you are always soft spoken, calm and wise. Dad, thanks for always for always working hard and never missing a single day of work, just to provide for our family… By the way ladies and gentlemen, my father works as a supervisor specialist at the Starkist Cannery, so for those who think that a Starkist parent can’t raise a Valedictorian kid, here I am, all thanks to you mom and dad. I have always understood that is your way of showing your love for us and I will never forget that. Mom, I yelled I love you to you, because you are an uncontrollable mother (laughing).You are the complete opposite of dad. Thanks for staying up with me late at night, waking me up to finish my homework whenever I passed out. My mom loves to oke. She can go 5, 6, or 7 hours. It would be 4 if she’s in a good mood. But, thanks for that mom. If it was not for your oke, I would not be here.



* National Honor Society

+ Valedictorian

^ Salutatorian


1            Abel Fata

2            Abraham Fata

3            Adrianne Taape

4            Afagaila Fruean

5            Afutoto Ta’ase

6            Aida Noa

7            Aimee Naea

8            Akata Niupulusu *

9            Alaese Tauofe

10            Aleki Leia

11            Aloalii Ualisa

12            Anahiva Leleifi

13            Anna Imelda Afoa *

14            Anne-Marie Seui

15            Anovale Vaiau

16            Anthony Liam Llywelyn Sanft

17            Api Fia

18            Apolosio Shawn A.J. Lui Jr.

19            Asalele Semaia

20            Ashley Asalele

21            Asofa Titio

22            Asofitu Pati

23            Atarua Tofa

24            Atepana Teo

25            Atufili Misi

26            Aumau Lafitaga

27            Aveiaotatoulotomolealii Ulimasao

28            Benjamin Sua

29            Bryanna Fiame

30            Caroline Tulemau

31            Christina Pulu

32            Christine Oriana Hall-Luuga * ^

33            Clinton Elmer Liki Ainu’u Reed

34            Conrado Siligi

35            Cossette Lam Yuen

36            Crystal O’campo

37            Damaris Mageo

38            Daniel Saufo’i

39            Daniell Ga’opo’a

40            Davalynn Betham

41            Debora Miscoi

42            Derek Risati

43            Diana Afasene

44            Donna Mase

45            Dorothy Laga

46            Duwayne Su’esu’e

47            Elama Faatonu

48            Emeretiana Puletiuatoa

49            Emma Taufete’e

50            Epati Forsythe

51            Epifania Hisatake

52            Erik Harmon

53            Etelini Aitasi

54            Eugene Tuimaualuga

55            Fa’aiuga Ia’avai

56            Fa’amaoni Jordan Fa’amaoni

57            Fa’avaemalosi Atonio

58            Fala Palepua

59            Faliu Maofi

60            Farani Fetoai

61            Feagaimaali’i I’aulualo

62            Fekita Esikia

63            Fi’a Vaeoso *

64            Fitimalo Tuamasaga

65            Foloina Tofiga

66            Forrest Aliilua

67            Fouvale Pesamino

68            Franky Savea

69            Fuataina Siatu’u

70            Gafasiliilagi Tolo

71            Gardenia Ting

72            Garonia Sala

73            Genesis Autele

74            Geordon Malae

75            Glory Magele *

76            Grace Atuatasi

77            Greg Sinapoa

78            Halaevalu Siau

79            Henry Fiali’i

80            Ierome Lafaele

81            Ioasa Tu’u * +

82            Irvin Tanielu

83            Isaia Helg

84            Ivy Fagota

85            Jalen Mamea

86            Jane Iosefa

87            Jannel Lopez

88            Jason Casem

89            Jeannie Kim *

90            Jeremiah Mageo

91            Jesmond Papu Jr.

92            Jesse McMoore

93            Joshua Iosua

94            Joshua Tauala

95            Joshua Togi

96            Joyce Schwenke

97            Julia Autele

98            Junior Fainu’ulelei

99            Kalela Tuala

100            Kananafou Savea

101            Karl West

102            Keilani Taufa’asau

103            Keith Metuli *

104            Kereti Vaivai

105            Kevin Feliua’i

106            Kiri Taylor *

107            Kishon Mafuli

108            Koke Afuola

109            Krystal Schuster

110                        Lahaina Taufa’asau *

111                        Lanuola Etuale

112                        Laualo Peter Paselio

113                        Laureen Tapua’i

114                        Lefagaoaliifaasilitofovaiosiliafai Annie A. *

115                        Lolesio Tominiko

116                        Lorelei Haleck

117                        Louis Eneliko

118                        Luse Key

119                        Lutovi’o Iuliano

120            Lyndon Ianuari

121            Malaea McFall

122            Malaisha Tautai

123            Mark Ieremia

124            Mary Faith Leifi

125            Mary Tuimavave

126            Maryanne Ta’alafaaluaiaiga

127            Matalena Ulugia

128            Max Ulimasao

129            McMoore Leota

130            Megan West

131            Merico Lomu

132            Meripa Tipi

133            Michael Pese

134            Michael Saofaga

135            Michaele Tarrant

136            Michaellene Musu

137            Minute Tasimani

138            Miracle Paulo

139            Misioka Taua’i

140            Moenu Omeli

141            Molimau Masaniai

142            Mora Stowers

143            Myrna Vaimauga

144            Nedia Mageo-Ii

145            Naiatea Iuli

146            Naifo Fuimaono

147            Nailuana Faiumu

148            Noelani Puipuifatu

149            Noelle Mokoma

150            Nyrese Pato *

151            Orisse Hunkin

152            P.J. Mata’u

153            Painu’ulasi Lameta

154            Palauni Tapusoa

155            Patisepa Correia *

156            Penina Maiava

157            Penina Seiuli

158            Pepesina Lefaoseu *

159            Pesega Tuugasala

160            Ponaivao Sevaatasi

161            Queenie Levi

162            Rachel Ping

163            Rhema Mageo

164            Rommel Mageo

165            Rosalina Matuauto

166            Roselyn Te’o

167            Ruta Siota

168            Ruth Seilala

169            Saiata Fila

170            Saibai Liu

171             Salata’i Tunufa’i

172            Salavao Failautusi

173            Salilo Foifua *

174            Samantha Foster

175            Sammie Fa’atea

176            Samoa Mata’afa

177            Sanya Hall

178            Sarafina Meleisea

179            Sarah Mallari

180            Savali Sunia *

181            Savaligasaomanuialeleimaifaatasimalealiiovavega Tunufa’i *

182            Sebastian Mahkwan

183            Selaina Vaovasa

184            Sepora Kuli

185            Sesi Tuilata

186            Sieni Sitagata

187            Sifagaalu Falaniko

188            Siiloto Jane Tali

189            Sinaatafua Ieremia

190            Sinatiloa Puni *

191            Sinjin Leseali’i

192            Siolo Atanoa

193            Sipauta Ta

194            Sogelau Tuvalu

195            Sonya Hall

196            Stanislaus Mataese *

197            Su-Jee Kim

198            Suliana Latu

199            Sulufaleese Faia

200            Suttermemory Talamoni *

201            T.J. Filemoni Logoleo

202            Ta’afili Tolo

203            Talitaliaai Tanielu *

204            Tanita Tolo

205            Tanoa Leiato

206            Taulagaola Uta’i *

207            Temukisa Mulitalo

208            Tenisio Ilalio

209            Tiaina Taliu  *

210            Tiale Malaki

211                        Timoteo Pereira

212            Timoteo Solaita

213            Tiresa Lauama

214            Tony Taua’i Jr.

215            Torise Tauave

216            Tryphosa Fa’amoana

217            Tuaiamoa Fia Puipui

218            Tuliloa Linda Tali

219            Tumuapalace Clinton Puni

220            Tupe Smith

221            Ulualepapa Sepulona Faleali’i *

222            Uputaua Annie Tauvae

223            Vaeleti Visesio

224            Vaisola Leota-Petelo

225            Virginia Fetalaiga

226            Vitoriaoaana Elisara

227            Vitorina Taufaasau

228            Walter Matagi Kennar

229            Wynona Lee *

230            Young Tuato’o

231            Fiso Leilua

232            Seui So Mathew Papali’i