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Shipyard Authority proposes budget of $2.03 Million for FY2014

The American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority is proposing a budget of just over $2 million for fiscal year 2014 with a workforce of 43 staff, according to the shipyard’s budget document.


Shipyard Services, which manages and operates the government owned Ronald Reagan Marine Railway shipyard in Satala, funds its own operation thru revenues collected for ship repairs and other services.


For FY 2014, the authority is proposing a total budget of $2.03 million compared to $1.89 million in FY 2013 with 45 employees, according to the budget document.


The shipyard is projecting to collect $1 million in revenue for large boat repairs; $840,00 for small boat repairs; $100,000 in ASG boat repairs; $100,000 in miscellaneous repair work and $60,000 in “other services”.


Based on the budget document, total revenue forecast for the shipyard is $2.10 million compared to expenses of $2.03 million  and this means the shipyard is expecting a slight surplus at the end of the new fiscal year.


For expenditures, the largest expense is personnel services totaling $1.07 million followed by $637,000 in materials & supplies; $155,000 in contractual services and the rest of the expenses are for equipment and “all others”.


Breakdown for some expenses shows $465,000 allocated for “inventory” purchases— such as steel plates, pipes, paint, sand, etc, used for boat repairs; $160,000 for replacement parts and fuel for shipyard mechanical equipment; $50,000 to maintain shipyard equipment; $27,000 to maintain the building and dock; $80,000 for utilities and $30,000 for telephone and other communication expenses.


The shipyard is also allocating $50,000 to purchase equipment such as compressors, generators and welding machines which are needed to increase capacity, and necessary to handle purse seiners and replace inoperable equipment.


Meanwhile, Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga plans to conduct a site visit of the shipyard next week. Lolo said the visit is to inspect the facility and to “assess assistance which could be provided” to the facility and improve “the aesthetics of the shipyard”


“It appears that the debris consequential to the tsunami of 2009 still has not been removed which currently poses an eyesore for the general public,” said Lolo in a memo to the shipyard board chairman David Robinson.


During the visit the governor will be accompanied by an official of the U.S. Coast Guard, and directors of the local Environmental Protection Agency, Port Administration, Marine and Wildlife Resources, Public Works and ASPA’s chief executive officer.