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Dear Editor,

Read all about it.  The shocking details of the depths of depravity revealed. Victims and victimizers will be spared no shame. We are drawn like moths to a lamp. The sensationalizing of these cases has become a type of pornography in itself.  Normal rational people go looking for a rope and a torch, start boiling oil, howling for heads and talking of stocks in the public square.

How does something so dark and ugly get turned into such a Grand Spectacle?

What good does it do to froth up more hate and pain and shame?

Will cultivating a lynch mob mentality really lead the way to restoring our lost humanity?

If we apply the same zeal toward realistic strategies to combat crime we will find solutions that will mend our unraveled families and communities.

To put the corrections back into our Correctional facility would be a good place to start.  Where is the rehabilitation there?  NO programs, no counseling not even a library.

Concerned Father

Siaosi Fialoa