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Save-Sandra to supporters — Vote your conscience

The gubernatorial team of Save Liuato Tuitele and Sandra King Young, have chosen not to endorse any of the two teams in the Nov. 20th special election and will uphold the principles that people should be free to vote their conscience as individual voters.

The final decision by the team and their supporters, family and committee was made sometime Monday.

After meeting with their committee, youth and supporters over the past days since the November 6 election, “Save and Sandra have chosen to uphold the principles that they campaigned on by continuing on with their campaign messages that people should be free to vote their conscience and own their vote as individuals,” according to a statement from Save and Sandra.

“This is also in keeping with the wishes of their committee and supporters, many of whom now remain undecided on whom to vote for in the runoff election,” it says.

“We will continue to support the right and free will of our supporters and committee to now make their choice between the remaining two candidates, as shall we,” said Save.

More details in tomorrow’s edition