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Samoa's Voyagers partner with ministry

Traditional voyaging took a step closer to mainstream acceptance with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Aiga Folau society and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) this week.The main focus of this MOU signing is to revive construction of voyaging canoes and ocean sailing using traditional navigational and sailing methods.They are also looking at the reintroduction of sails with similar to traditional ones and encourage their use throughout Samoa as a means of transport, recreation and sport.Undertaking open ocean voyages will contribute to the revival and strengthening of Pacific regional links, a press conference was told.The MOU will also launch effective educational and awareness programmes through schools and villages that highlight the importance of reviving navigational and sailing lore.The society and the ministry will collaborate in relevant exhibitions at the Museum of Samoa such as those on navigation and sailing in Samoa.With traditional sailing will come other traditional heritage such as contributing to sustainable development and conservation of the marine and land environment through educational programmes and practical demonstrations.The CEO of the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture, Falana’ipupu Daniel Aiaifi supports the signing of the MOU.The Memorandum of Understanding constitutes an “expression of shared objectives and vision and of the intention of the parties to exert efforts to develop a legal basis for achieving these shared objectives.”The president of the Aiga Foalau, Leilua Ame Sene, was very pleased with the opportunity they will have in working together with MESC.Leilua Ame Sene said, “The Aiga Folau was formally established as a non profit society in April 2009, with his highness the Head of State as the patron in support of our vice patron Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale.”