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Samoans training Samoans — the NDPTC in AmSam

This week is the inaugural training at the American Samoa Community College to be conducted by the recently certified local National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) certified trainers.

Unlike the recent past where trainers were brought in from overseas, Samoans will be training Samoans using FEMA training manuals that were modified with local input for relevant context such as island examples vs. mainland ones.

It will also be taught by Samoans who are bilingual with the fluid ability to teach in one, the other or both English and Samoan as needed.

Additionally, the first pool of trainers are from villages that were impacted directly by the tsunami with severe and deadly coastal consequences. All are members of an aumaga or aualuma and have successfully completed all phases of the NDPTC training to achieve certification as trainers.

The expansion of the local pool of certified trainers is a goal NDPTC will continue to assess based on requisite scores and the completion of the training certification process. 

From the beginning, Tapaau Dr. Dan Aga, Director of ASCC DNL/Land Grant has assisted and supported NDPTC University of Hawaii training goals in American Samoa through a collaborative effort that will result in the historic inauguration at ASCC of the NDPTC training by certified locals on Wednesday.

His leadership has guided and strengthened the higher education link and partnership between the University of Hawaii and ASCC, as the cornerstone to the continued success, growth and development of the NDPTC training and certification program.

Off-shoots of opportunities from this higher education relationship will expand to other areas of certification, degrees and trainings overseas currently being considered as a result.  

With a looming hurricane of monstrous proportions currently moving parallel to the east coast of North America and threatening to hit land at anytime, it is a vivid reminder that coastal community resiliency training and disaster preparedness is vital to all coastal communities.

Having NDPTC certified trainers also builds a resource for the nation and region to tap into in times of disaster preparedness, response, rescue and recovery.

The issue nationally and globally is no longer if, it’s when.

Source: NDPTC media release