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Samoana still undefeated and Fagaitua comes back to record first season win

Samoana High School is the second Varsity squad aside from Tafuna High School who has been maintaining their undefeated record as of now, sending Nu’uuli home with a disappointing loss, as the Vikings come in to beat the Lions in a competitive match up in the first half, but it was all Funky Town after halftime.

For the Junior Varsity Division, Leone still claims the top seed after defeating the Vikings this past Friday evening under the leadership of “Frost” Folasa Vili, who recorded his third Player of the Game title after leading the Lions to another victory.

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Folasa Vili of the Lions again led Leone to victory, this time, over Gus Napoleone and the Vikings. 6:40 into the first quarter of the game and Vili sends the Lions on the scoreboard with a third down possession on the Vikings 15-yard line, and Tagaleo’o hands off the inside counter play to “Frost” for the Lions first touchdown of the game. Their field goal conversion by Ruben Futi had the Lions leading by seven points.

Suddenly, with just 6:27 remaining in the first half of the game, Fagaitua strikes back with a second down possession on the Lions 12-yard line, and Napoleone finds (#4) open in the end zone for their first touchdown of the game, but their two point conversion was no good to have the Vikings trailing the Lions by a point.

Opening up the third quarter of the game with an astounding play was Fagaitua who sent off the opening kick off of the second half to the Lions, but Leone wasn’t able to pick it up, and (#8) of the Vikings immediately picked up the live ball, and took it to the end zone for another Fagaitua touchdown to come back and lead the game for the first time with 7 - 12.

Frost came back hard to bring the Lions back to life with a fourth down conversion on their own 44-yard line, and Vili sends the Lions to a first down conversion on Fagaitua’s 12-yard line. Then with their first down possession there, Folasa was able to punch in his second touchdown of the game with a counter play that brought the Lions back to win the ball game by a point and recording another victory for Leone with their 13 - 12 win.


Again, Samoa News picks the Sophomore playmaker, who records his third Player of the Game title back to back to back after leading the Lions to an undefeated record. They are the only ones still undefeated in the JV Division. Folasa recorded 2 touchdowns, 8 yards per carry, 1 sack, 8 solo tackles, and 10 assist on defense.



Samoana’s Fiaui Ta’ase sent the Sharks ahead of the Wildcats with a 1-yard touchdown conversion that Ta’ase worked for during their fourth down conversion that was determined to be stopped by Nu’uuli, but wasn’t until Samoana’s two-point conversion when Nu’uuli started to work in their defense.

Later on in the half, with just a second remaining on the scoreboard for the second quarter going into half time, Samoana’s Mac Te’o dominates over the Wildcats defense with a second and long situation from Nu’uuli’s 20-yard line, and Tupuola pitched the sweep out to Te’o, who juked his way around defenders, recording his first touchdown of the game to extend Samoana’s lead. Not gambling on the extra point, Samoana brought in Ne’emia Kaleopa to send off the good field goal conversion that saw Samoana leading 13 - 0 by half time.

During the second half, the Sharks continued to dominate and continued to move the chains down field, under the command of starting quarterback Derek Tupuola. 5:34 remaining in the third quarter, and Samoana’s Mac Te’o again breaks out to the middle for a 15-yard touchdown conversion on a counter play.

Nu’uuli was troubled with Samoana’s defense bringing on the pressure led by Fritz Helg, and were able to stall their strategy again with just 2:12 remaining in the third quarter, and the Wildcats were on the verge of scoring. Their third down play on their own 30-yard line is a sweep play out to Felise Enoka, turned against them, when Enoka couldn’t pick up the ball, which was immediately picked up by Sala Malili’o of Samoana after Helg tackled Enoka for ball control, and Malili’o took that one all the way to the house for another Samoana touchdown conversion. The field goal by Ne’emia Kaleopa was good enough to have the Sharks on top by 26 points.The last quarter of the game had the Sharks fans on their feet, with Tafatafa Sataua coming back to lead his offensive unit for the first time in the game with just 1:33 remaining in the ball game. Sataua hooks up with Ronnie Mase on a slant play that Mase took in for another Samoana touchdown on a 35 yard touchdown reception. Kaleopa had Samoana on top 33 - 0 with his last field goal conversion that sent Nu’uuli home scoreless and the Sharks victorious.


We choose the Junior Outside Linebacker from the village of Tafuna, who recorded 3 tackles for losses, 8 solo tackles, 12 assists, 1 fumble recovery, and caused a fumble.


Fagaitua Vikings Junior wide receiver Paul Vondincklage had the Vikings on the scoreboard early in the game after he hooked up with the “Surgeon” Lomitusi Ta’ala who weaved that second down pass through the middle of the Lions defense straight out to the numbers of Vondincklage to record their first touchdown of the game. Their field goal conversion by (#3) had the Vikings rolling with the early seven point lead in the first quarter of the game.

1:46 remaining in the first quarter, and the Lions send out the Asofa’afetai Olo with Leone’s first touchdown of the game after Fagalilo Oa brought the Lions to play a second and goal situation on the Vikings 2-yard line. Field goal conversion for the Lions by Petaia was good enough to tie up the ball game at 7 - 7, going into half time.

Leone’s varsity saw a blast from the past with the Vikings, as they came back in the game for the second half to dominate viciously.

The Lions couldn’t make it to a first down conversion to the Vikings red zone, forcing them to a field goal conversion from the Vikings 14-yard line, and Petaia managed to put the Lions to their first lead of the game with a 7 - 10 spark.

But that burst quickly turned to shock when the Vikings brought in middle linebacker “Iron Man” Howard Tautu to play full back on offense, as Tautu picked up numerous yards to send the Vikings out to the Lions 2-yard line where Lomitusi Ta’ala kept the ball in on a quarterback keeper for his first touchdown of the game, bringing the Vikings back to lead the ball game 13 - 10.

Leone broke down in the third quarter and almost gave up when the Vikings were in their top gear and blasting their way through the Lions with 4:40 remaining in the third quarter and Peni Tuvalu sends the Vikings to the score board again. Suddenly, just when Leone had the ball back, a passing play on first down for Oa, turned sour for the Lions when they saw “Iron Man” Howard Tautu intercepting that pass, and taking it into the end zone for a 15-yard touchdown.

4:23 in the fourth quarter and Leone’s pinned deep in their own territory, after Manning failed to send off the punt that would’ve saved them from a threatening opportunity, but were disappointed when that punt was blocked, forcing the Vikings to play a first down situation inside the Lions red zone where they sent off Tautu for his first touchdown of the game.

Then with just 15 seconds remaining in the game, Leone thought the Vikings were going to kneel it, but were mistaken when they saw Lomitusi dropping back to air out the long bomb out to Tafu Ula who caught that pass and took it all the way to the house to record Fagaitua’s first victory of the season with a 34 - 10 win.


Our choice is the Senior All Star Linebacker who was an Amerika Samoa player in Texas  — in his first SN Player of the Game title, “Iron Man” Howard Tautu, He recorded 1 touchdown, 2 sacks, 5 tackles for losses, 13 yards per carry, and 1 interception.