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Samoan prison gang in Hawaii target of FBI probe

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Honolulu has no comment at this time on an ongoing federal investigation into a Samoan prison gang reportedly operating at the state and federal prisons in Hawai'i.Samoa News learned of the investigation after the federal court in Honolulu released Wednesday the superseding indictment against Honolulu Police Capt. Carlton Nishimura who is facing an extortion charge for allegedly trying to obtain money from the operator of an illegal game room. He also faces charges of attempting to tamper with a witness and making false statements.Under count 4 of the indictment, dealing with making a false statement, the superseding indictment - which adds a new drug charge against Nishimura - alleges that Nishimura \stated and represented to FBI agents that he had not talked with ‘D.I' about the federal task force investigation into the United Samoan Organization (USO)