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Samoan church deacon's comments cause uproar

A Samoan church deacon has called on women to leave a \mark\ on sexual predators, fuelling criticism from Pacific women all over the world.In a recent interview published by the Samoan Observer, the Chairman of the National Council of Churches, Deacon Kasiano Le'aupepe, urged women to bite men who sexually assault them.Deacon Le'aupepe added that failure to do so could be interpreted as girls enjoying or agreeing to the attack.The deacon told young girls and women to fight against rape by biting a perpetrator's stomach, so that the skin would be torn, adding that failing to resist hard enough was a reason to the increase in sex attacks.Acclaimed author, blogger and Pacific female advocate, Lani Young Wendt, has published a blog post criticising the deacon's comments, which has fuelled support from Pacific females around the world.Ms Wendt has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat the comments were disturbing coming from someone who was in a position of leadership and influence within their community.\He's very much a product of a rape culture that does exist