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Samoa: Woman menaces men with a gun

“While I was walking, I cried because this was the first time I was taken by someone like this with a gun in her hand. She pointed it towards the back of my head. She also told me that I should walk or she would shoot my balls.”A man knelt while a woman pointed a gun to the back of his head. She then ordered him to get up, put his hands behind his head and march according to her orders. She told him to keep walking or she’ll “shoot my balls.”That’s what the District Court was told last Friday when Elaine Ah Kuoi, 32, of Aele, appeared before Judge Vaepule Vaemoa Va’ai. She is charged with being armed with dangerous weapon; presenting a loaded firearm at the victim; discharging the firearm without a reasonable cause as to endanger, annoy or frighten passers-by or residents and lastly willfully and without lawful justification, causing actual bodily harm. Ah Kuoi is represented by lawyer, Tole’afoa Solomona Toa’iloa.The Prosecutor is Constable Filipo Ma’a, of the Police. The alleged incident occurred at Aele on 20 October 2011. It happened when two men, Epati Sione and Alefosio Saumani were resting in a bush there. Mr Saumani, 27, told the Court he was with his uncle, Mr Sione who helped him carry blocks of wood (two poumuli and three toa) through a shortcut near the woman’s house. While they were resting on some rocks for about half an hour, they heard a gunshot.