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Samoa villages call for help

The villages of Tufuiopa, Togafu’afu’a and Tulotoare desperate for help so they can maintain their main source of water.The water source was destroyed during Cyclone Evan when heavy flooding dumped rubbish and logs into the waterways and pools.On Saturday, the villagers gathered to clean the pools. They also tried to clear the main stream littered with trash and overgrown lilies.But village mayor, Tonu’u Amituana’i Misi said they still need help.“We don’t have the equipment to dig up the mud under the water but we can clear out the lilies,” he said.Tonu’u said they’ve tried their best to clean the water but they could only do so much.“Most of the villagers have helped clean the pools that have mold growing in it but there is little we can do about the mud that’s stuck in there..“We have also cut down the lilies that are blocking the water channel. The water no longer flows and as you can see there is thick mud settling down the bottom that wasn’t there before.”Some youths were swimming in the muddy waterway on Saturday trying to cut down lilies.The depth of the murky water is about two meters with a lot of rubbish and other trees blocking the stream that runs to Marist and Mulivai.As for the water pools, the villagers no longer use it for consumption since a thick layer of mold is growing in it.According to Tonu’u, the pools are the main water source for the villages and neigbouring areas. The pools were used by many people around Apia after cyclone Evan struck when water supply was cut for several weeks in the country.“The Disaster Management Organisation came here and made reports on it but we haven’t heard back from them,” Tonu’u explained.“We have also asked the ministries for help but we they haven’t responded to our complaints…we have done our work and we are only asking the government for support to help us preserve our water source and to assist us in clearing the streams.”