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Samoa trade fair runs Thursday and Friday in Apia

More than 100 small businesses from all over Samoa and American Samoa will be exhibiting their products and services today and Friday in front of the government building.These small businesses were mainly supported through the Small Business Enterprise Centre.The Trade Fair is aimed at showcasing small businesses to the Samoan public as well as seeking trade opportunities to supply local retailers, hotels and restaurants and opportunities to export to American Samoa.The Trade Fair will be held at the Eleele Fou in front of the Government Building and would exhibit products and services through the following markets; Farmers and Fishers Market – would feature demonstrations on butchery of our local beef port and lamb cuts. Beef on the Spit (roast beef) demonstrating the taste of local beef, roast pork and lamb and for the first time launching of different flavoured sausages made from our local beef. For the fishers, there would be fish filleting demonstrations for sashimi and sushi, and cooking demonstrations for the tilapia fish. Local fruits and vegetable salads would also be available. Taro suppliers and other farm produce would also be showcased Manufacturers Market – showcasing small manufacturing businesses including those from Savaii such as building bricks, furniture and garment manufacturing Arts and Crafts market – would feature demonstrations from carvings to elei production by our small businesses, painting and on-site artist impression of family photos. Tourism - the tourism booth would include accommodation demonstrations in terms of bedding and hospitality services, sales promotions and Christmas specials from our small hotels and beach fales around the country. The tourism booth would also showcase some of our tourist sites. Health and Beauty – Doctors rooms for general health checks mainly for diabetes and high blood pressure as well as beauty care services provided by small businesses including massage, hair dressing Services – would feature some small restaurants providing cuisine and food and beverage servicesas well as other service providers American Samoa – for the first time, American Samoa businesses have also been invited to exhibit their goods and services at the Trade Fair. This is organised through the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Star Kist would be launching a new product for the Samoan market at the Trade Fair. Organisations and Vocational schools – women in business demonstrations, SROS and other organisations as well as vocational schools Samoa Village – The village behind the Samoa Tourism Authority would also be opened with carvers, tattooists and Taulasea Samoa services available at the village Kids Play – a model playground (exhibited by Don Bosco School) would be at the STA grounds with more kids games available throughout the FairThere are to be special exhibitions from youth projects, vocational training institutes also selling their products as well as promoting their educational service for young school leavers.These schools include Leulumoega School of Fine Arts, Laumua o Punaoa and Don Bosco to name a few.In addition, the Trade Fair will extend into a night market, which allows for the working population to also attend.Thursday night will see a fashion show displaying locally made fashion wear from some of our small fashion houses in Apia.The fashion show is also being held in front of the Government Complex and will be free to the public.A number of schools have also been invited to compete in the ‘wearable art’ competition to be showcased at the fashion show. Local entertainment would also be provided showcasing our own local talents and artists on the night.SBEC will produce a catalogue of all small businesses and exhibitors which would be promoted and marketed before the Trade Fair.This catalogue will have details, products and services produced, the story behind the development of each small business, contribution to the economy and their capacity to supply or trade.This would allow potential traders to be informed of what would be exhibited for potential long term trading interest.SBEC is currently coordinating the Trade Fair with support provided from the US Embassy, the Private Sector Support Facility, Bluesky Samoa, ANZ, Samoa Stationery and Books, DBS, SCB, Rees Hirage, Samoa Tourism Authority, Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Commerce and the New Zealand Aid Programme.