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Samoa: Stop the ‘smacking culture'

The incessant use of smacking by some teachers to run the classroom has been criticised by one of the Commissioners of the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Former Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Safuneitu’uga Pa’aga Neri, has shown her strong disapproval of the method used that has led to abuse and assault on some students.

A teacher for more than thirty years, Safuneitu’uga says teachers should never allow their frustrations to take over them.
“Teachers together with other peers need to work together to discourage such practices,” says the Commissioner.

“The work load is not easy and I can understand the frustration that some are facing…but they need to use the patience needed to become a teacher to deal with children.”  She stresses that teachers “should make some useful interventions” when they see students being beaten up by other teachers.

Referring to reports on violence towards students within classrooms, the Commissioner is saddened about the lack of efforts taken to discourage what she described as the “smacking culture”.  “It’s important that they intervene to help the student as well as the teacher,” she says.

“Make some useful interventions and not let it continue because before they know it, it will be too late to help either of them.”