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Samoa News Year in Review


New Year rings in with hike in gasoline prices for territory

WestPac strongly opposes Fagatele expansion

Save- Sandra set to enter race for governor

Afoa spearheads petition drive to stop cold storage in Fagatogo

Paul Solofa found guilty on all counts


Immigration chief testifies to 800+ overstayers, most from Samoa

Up to 300 LBJ employees, including doctors & nurses face furlough

Hospital personnel carry out peaceful March, Gov too busy to see their reps

Extra 2% wage tax to fund LBJ cash infusion

Afoa and Le’i enter gubernatorial race

Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau & CSM Iuni Savusa make their candidacy for 2012 official

Leone Healing Garden dedicated as a place to hope as well as grieve


King George Tupou V of Tonga passes away in Hong Kong’

Lolo: DBAS has administered 1602 program “by the rules”

Marisco wins case against ASG, close to $812,000 plus interest proposed

Gas prices up another 12¢, now at $4.12

Feds recommend jail time, full restitution in U’una’i-Matau case

Gov’t moving forward with $4.7M “contact center” training project


Save & Sandra ask for review of ASG job resignation election statute

Two men charged in rape of 16-yr-old girl who is now pregnant

With no further help from ASG, LBJ must hike fees


‘Make a Wish’ foundation grants TeeJay Mamea’s wish to visit territory

The people will always be first, promise Lolo & Lemanu at kickoff

OIA: Territory still not consistently clean with audits

Local rugby union now full IRB member


Victim’s sa’o tells court ifoga was enough in student rape case

CCCAS hosts CWM General Assembly for first time

StarKist reports 900 workers added locally in last 2 years

Mine Pase sentenced to 14 months + restitution

American Samoa under 19 football team heads to World Championship

New hospital fee hike set for July 2

Court orders ASG to pay Marisco and for BOH to turn over the money


Territory’s MAP sees huge drop in petroleum prices

Local FBI office closes, a victim of Congressional budget cuts

Tim Jones gets word out; he’s running for governor

Citizenship clause in 14th Amendment at center of lawsuit

High Court tells BoH to restore funds to ASG account

ASG still high risk as far as USDOE is concerned

Local minimum wage hike delayed to 2015

Team American Samoa at the Olympics

ASG no longer seeking death penalty for Siaumau


Two men charged in rape, sexual abuse of 12-year-old girl

Boys & Girls Clubs of American Samoa opens clubhouse

Governor and House Speaker attend Samoan Heritage Week in Hawaii

Congressional race fields five candidates

State-of-the-art ocean center dedicated to Gov. Tauese

Ledoux alleges tugboat Dream Team more like a nightmare

Whitehorn Const. wins multi-million Airport Road project

Fed court orders BoH to give money to Marisco

Court orders Gov to submit legislation to pay Laufou judgment


Draft Report on 1602 recommends further investigation by US Treasury

Togiola asks Poly Leaders group to endorse climate change resolution

Ever respectful of freedom of press, Lolo calls 1602 articles “lapisi”

Gov supports use of public property for campaign functions

Governor forwards bill to repeal death penalty

Caught between rock & hard place, BoH files for interpleader

Hight Court dismisses Save-Sandra challenge on appeal


ASPA rate hike goes into effect

Fed permit delays larger facility and expanded operation for Tri-Marine

DOE takes back mgmt of School Lunch Program

Stateless man stuck in AmSam calls experience nightmarish

Man gets 15 yrs for sexual assault of granddaughter

Court calls family’s absentee sa’o “disturbing picture”

Once again, lack of quorum cancels 1602 hearing

Strategic energy analysis shows formidable problems for territory


Togiola endorses Team Faoa-Taufete’e

Ulu Summit to look at making AmSam export hub

Court denies ASG request to stay Laufou judgment

Run off in gubernatorial election: Lolo-Lemanu vs Faoa-Taufete’e

ASPA mgmt blames Fono for rate increases

Faleomavaega wins 13th consecutive term

Six new members to local House includes one woman

Two suspects charged for claiming to work for FBI

Eni files brief supporting dismissal of citizenship lawsuit

Three gubernatorial teams publicly unite behind Lolo-Lemanu

Complaint filed alleging ASPA violated local election laws

Lolo-Lemanu take the reins of government for next 4 years

Judge: ASG trying to undermine fed court authority in Marisco case


Bank of Hawaii to leave territory

Court stops ASG from further litigation; ASG obligated to pay Marisco

No general admission for MSP raises public ire

Lolo-Lemanu pick first Cabinet nominee, Afoa for AG

American Samoa makes Lonely Planet’s Top 10

Plans for “People’s Inauguration” laid out in spite of limited funds

Territory marks Christmas remembering victim of tragedy, troops

Samoa hit by Cyclone Evan; American Samoa spared

Immigration officer held on charges of forgery, corruption