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Samoa mothers tell of hopelessness, and uncertainty

There was sadness in the air at the Fugalei Market, yesterday.

For people who operate more than 280 stalls - including shops surrounding the market – starting next week, they will have to find somewhere else to sell their products. The number of stall owners does not include farmers who use the market to sell vegetables, talo, banana and other crops.

The Government plans to start demolishing the market next week. Where will all these stall owners go? The Samoa Observer spoke with some of them yesterday and this is what they said:


Tina Mealofa Lauano 55-years-old, Solosolo
I don't know where I’m going to go. We were so desperate for a place to move to that we decided to visit Member of Parliament,Tole’afoa Apulu Faafisi for help today (Thursday).

His response was to leave our phone numbers and names and he will get back to us on the matter. My stall started in April last year but earlier I used to help out with my mother who runs a stall down the other end. I have nine children and all of them are working. I don’t want to rely on them because they have their own families.That’s why I operate this stall.

I need this money so I can pay for my church, village and family obligations. I don’t have any other plans about where to go when they tell us to leave on Monday. I am hoping the government will step in and help us.