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Samoa man changes plea over rape of daughter

A father, 46 years old, changed his plea to guilty on charges of raping his biological daughter after the prosecution laid out the case against him in the Supreme Court yesterday. The hearing into the matter was due to take place yesterday before Justice Ida Malosi with assessors.The name and details of the defendant and the victim are both suppressed to protect the identity of the victim.The defendant had denied all 13 charges against him, one charge of rape, four of incest, four charges of sexual conduct with a girl under 16 years old, and four charges of sexual intercourse with a family member.Prosecution lawyer Leone Su’a Mailo was ready to proceed. She said the only way to prove all charges against the defendant would be to call prosecution witnesses.Proof of the charges would come from calling witnesses to give evidence.“The witnesses to be called are police officers, the defendant’s wife, and also his children” Prosecutor Mailo said.After a lawyer opened submission in the court, the defendant changed his plea.He entered a guilty plea to three charges; one of rape and two of incest.After he entered guilty pleas, prosecutor Mailo asked leave of the court and to withdraw the other charges.Justices Ida accepted the application.The charges against the defendant stem from offending that occurred in May, July and June 2013.