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Samoa hosts wealthy Americans

It’s been a good week for tourism in Samoa.With the cruise ship Oosterdam bringing hundreds of tourists on Wednesday as well as an influx of officials attending several international meetings, Samoa also hosted one of America’s largest private charter companies.TCS Expeditions, a Seattle-based company, stopped at Faleolo International Airport from Easter Island.The expedition brought a National Geographic Group of 100 passengers, mainly American nationals. The bulk of guests were wealthy Americans who are Harvard and Stanford alumni.They were accompanied by a crew from Iceland on board a specially fitted 757 series Boeing Aircraft belonging to Icelandic Air of Iceland.The crew of 16 included two on board Gourmet Chefs, who prepare gourmet meals for the passengers from each of the exotic destinations they visit.Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Resort and Samoa Scenic Tours and Inbound Services hosted the group in Samoa.According to Theresa Sing, General Manager of Aggie Grey’s Beach Resort, Aggie’s negotiated the first charter with TCS Expeditions in 1998.From one chartered flight then, 14 years later, the Resort and Samoa have impressed their visitors so much to the point they now host 18 charters a year.“Aggie’s has a close relationship with the owner of TCS Expeditions TC Schwartz,” says Ms. Singh.“I even heard of a charter that went from Samoa on 31 December 1999 to Tonga which was a day ahead of Samoa to celebrate the new millennium for the day in Tonga before flying back to Samoa the same day to recelebrate the new millennium.”For more than 20 years, TCS Expeditions has provided first class journeys to every corner of the world, allowing wealthy guests to experience amazing landscapes and indepth educational exposure.A leader in the educational travel industry, TCS & Starquest provides private jet traveling with a fully-staffed team of renowned experts in history, art and other fascinating fields.For each destination, visitors experience some of the finest accommodation, exclusive events featuring traditional entertainment and authentic local cuisine.The charters this week came from Easter Island.