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Samoa Govt answers venders' prayers

There is good news for stall owners at the Fugalei Market. Yesterday, the Government answered their prayers by announcing at least three alternative places where they can sell their products – starting next Monday.

Among the options are: • Toleafoa Fa’afisi’s estate at Fugalei • Pa’u Sefo Pa’u’s estate across from the National hospital at Moto’otua • The Samoa Land Corporation Market at Vaitele The options were revealed by the Minister of Finance, Faumuina Tiatia Liuga, during a press conference in his office, at Tamaligi.

“The stall owners will have the option to choose from these venues,” Faumuina said. “Our hope is to make the transition smooth for everyone as the construction of the new market gets underway.

The Minister of Finance said all stall owners at Fugalei were informed on Tuesday and were very receptive. Faumuina said Government’s plan to build a new market has been in the pipeline for a long time. Stall owners, he said, were informed well in advance about what was going to happen. “All of them were given letters of notification early last year that a new market will be constructed. They were told to look for suitable places to relocate to.”

The Minister said there is an urgent need to rebuild the Fugalei Market. “This is due to complaints from some of them that the health standards of the current market at Fugalei is poor. “So we decided [to build a new market] and we came up with a plan for a two-storey building. The plan is designed to deal with floods [which is often a problem at Fugalei] and also allow a bit more ventilation for the people who use it.”