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Samoa gov’t reports on Cyclone Evan relief efforts

At the beginning of the week reticulated water was restored to Vaivase Tai-Uta, Magiagi, Moata’a. Apia, Apia Park, Vaiala, Vaipuna, Matautu Tai-Uta, Apia, Aai o Niue, Maluafou, Faatoia, part of Lelata, Ma’agao, Valele, Vailima, Papaloloa, Papauta, Leuisa, Tanugamanono, Falema’i Moto’otua, Taufusi, Saleufi, Vaimea to Lepea, Sinamoga, Alamagoto, Moamoa to Vaitele, Siusega and west of Apia to Leulumoega.

- Samoa Water Authority is in the process of allocating generators to power water pumps to areas where water is supplied from underground aquifers.

- Reticulated water in Savaii remains unaffected by Cyclone Evan.

- Two 10,000 liter water tanks are being installed behind the John William building Tamaligi. One with river water and the second with Samoa Water Authority reticulated water system.

- More 10,000 liter water tanks will be installed early next week at the Malifa compound and other affected areas around Upolu.

The public is advised to bring their containers and fetch water from these water tanks. The public is also advised to report to Samoa Water Authority areas where there are burst pipes so workmen can be deployed to fix them. It is also advisable to fetch water from the neighbours, family and villages where reticulated water has been restored. The Samoa Water Authority water trucking system is prioritizing the hospitals and shelters where displaced persons are residing.


Nineteen pallets arrived from American Samoa aboard thre Lady Naomi ferry containing bottled water, dry foods, clothing and other essentials. This is the third consignment shipped over from the US territory. The drive there is being coordinated by the Governor’s Office.

Likewise, a fundraising drive in American Samoa organized by Bluesky has reached its US$10,000 target. The company will match the US$10,000 and used the funds to purchase ‘top priority’ items - in a cooperation with the Disaster Management Office in Apia – and send the shipments over each week for the next fortnight. 


There was plenty of Christmas cheer Saturday night at Faleata Gym One. Over 500 people turned up to the much-awaited Christmas in the Park concert which featured renowned London-based Sopranist, Aivale Cole, New Zealand pop artists Bella Kalolo, Melenia Lino and Scribe. A line-up of local entertainers also featured. Shelter residents were bused to the free concert.

The evening culminated with a fireworks display at the Eleele Fou sponsored by Bluesky.

The Official 50th Anniversary programme this year was closed Friday morning at a service held at Parliament Building, Tiafau.


There was no food distribution on Christmas Day – Tuesday 25th December 2012. The Disaster Management Office was closed. Deliveries and normal operations resume Wednesday 26th December 2012.

 Press Secretariat media release