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Samoa court issues injunction against SASNOC

The Supreme Court has issued an interim injunction against the Samoa Association of Sport and National Olympic Committee’s (SASNOC) Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was to be held last night.Justice Lesatele Rapi Vaai presided over the hearing between the applicants, Patrick Fepulea’i and Talasa Atoa and the SASNOC respondents, Nu’u Tapasu Leung Wai, president and Lepale Niko Palamo, Secretary General.The application was made by Mr. Fepulea’i and Ms. Atoa through their lawyer Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma. They asked to have the meeting stopped as there had been insufficient time given in the notice advertising the AGM.This AGM, which was advertised just one week in advance, included the important four-yearly election of SASNOC Board members as well as the usual agenda items. However when members attempted to submit nominations they were told they were too late and the nominations should have been in two weeks before the meeting date.The fact that this was impossible because they were only notified of the meeting one week before the date, was not accepted.Lawyer, Semi Leung Wai who represented the respondents, argued that his clients had “complied with the relevant articles of the constitution” and just because other members were not diligent “why should their lack of diligence penalize the rest of the sporting body by not carrying on with their meeting?”However, Justice Lesatele delivered his ruling stating; “I will give you my reasons in writing on the ruling I will now make.