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Samoa coach speaks out: 3 days “in hell”

A coach of a boxing team, accused of sexual assault while in American Samoa, has returned home, after the charges against him were dropped. During his first media interview yesterday, Lautapa’a Wong King described his ordeal in the Tafuna Correctional Facility as “three days in hell.”

“It was my first time in a jail cell I felt like I was in hell,” he said.  “My mind wouldn’t let me rest. I just kept asking myself why this has happened. I didn’t do anything and yet there I was being locked up. “That’s why I say it was like hell.”Lautapa’a spoke to the Samoa Observer yesterday to clear his name. Two weeks ago, the coach and a boxer, Fa’amanu Aukuso, were in American Samoa for the Moso’oi Festival Boxing Competition.

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