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Samoa and American Samoa met offices disagree on warning and watch

There’s been disagreement at the annual meeting of the National Weather Service in American Samoa and Samoa’s Meteorological Service over the issuance of warnings for tropical cyclones and other disasters.Despite veering from how American Samoa’s service operates, Samoa has done away with issuing a watch when there’s an approaching cyclone and goes straight into issuing a warning.The chief executive of the Samoa Met Service, Mulipola Titimaea, says this is to avoid the public’s confusion because there’s not much difference in the Samoan terms used for wind systems.Mulipola says the change was what the people wanted. “We called on all the representatives of the villages in Samoa, we had a very big consultation and this is the outcome of that consultation.”The chief executive of the Samoa Met Service, Mulipola Titimaea.