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Samoa Air website claims 90 million 'hits'

Save for the road switch and perhaps the tsunami both in 2009 no event in Samoa has attracted overseas media quite as much as Samoa Air’s unique fare system.“The website has reported more than 90 million hits,” said chief executive officer, Chris Langton yesterday.Langton counted he’d done 30 interviews at one stage.He’s relaxed about the world wide attention he attracted.“No big deal. Lots of media hype and certainly lots of interviews and such,” he said.The pay by weight air fare is a simple concept of what an airline has to sell.“So it’s easy to talk about (it).“ We’ve known these things since we started to fly but it’s literally the elephant in the room as far as the CEO’s and execs (of airlines) are concerned.“Well… now they are going to have to explain themselves and they have no argument to put.“I think it’s fantastic!”“The fare system is now officially ‘the Samoa Air system of pay by weight.’Samoa News still things they should call it 'weigh to go'.