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Samoa’s NCC says chairman’s rape comments do not reflect council’s view

The Samoan National Council of Churches, or NCC, says its chairman’s comments on rape do not necessarily reflect the views of other members.The chairman, Deacon Kasiano Le’aupepe, has urged women to bite men who sexually assault them, as failing to do so could be interpreted as girls enjoying or agreeing to the attack.He has also blamed the erosion of Christian values for the increase in sex attacks, saying there is too much emphasis on education, sports and human rights in Samoan society.The NCC’s general secretary, the Reverend Maauga Motu, says the comments are Deacon Kasiano’s views and were not discussed with other members before they were made.He says Deacon Kasiano has experienced widespread criticism on social media and is unhappy with the way his comments have been received.Deacon Kasiano says he is too busy to comment.