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As this year’s American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) football season winds down, Samoa News would like to acknowledge and recognize all of our selected Samoa News ASHSAA Junior Varsity Players of the Week for the 2013 season, as it closed off with the Leone High School Lions taking this year’s championship title — ending Tafuna High School Warriors’ 5-peat run — which this writer believes is just a phenomenal roar from the den of the Lions.


At the same time, Samoa News would like to send out its thanks to GHC Reid and Co. Ltd, Oloa o Leala, the exclusive distributors of Coca Cola and Powerade — your family of fine beverages for sponsoring the ASHSAA 2013 football highlights, which includes video clips of the highlights of the games that can be viewed on YouTube, and on the SamoanewsAmericanSamoa page, as well as weekly sponsored stories and photo pages of the high school football action — JV and Varsity divisions.






Helping to take the Championship title this year for the Lions is none other than Folasa “Frost” Vili, the sophomore All-Purpose Player for the Lions since his appearance in the green and gold uniform.


Folasa who has been outstanding this year isn’t new to the game of football. Vili who was a star since his 7th grade at Leone Midkiff Elementary, appeared in the American Youth Football of Samoa league on the AYFS Raiders squad, leading the Raiders to the championship title game in 2011. He came short that year, but came back as an eighth grader, and led the Raiders to an undefeated championship season, and he was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2012 season.


Vili was selected to the AYFS All Star Team that traveled to the State of Hawai’i to play against 3 of Hawai’i’s best All Star Teams. He led American Samoa to a 2 - 1 record and returning to American Samoa joined the Leone Lions High School Football Program. Vili led the Lions as a freshman to the Championship title game against the Warriors, but fell short to Tafuna’s 5-Peat Championship streak.


In 2012 Folasa was the first Freshman to set a record in ASHSAA football when he became the first Freshman to take an award in the Varsity Division Championship Game, where Leone played the Warriors, and Folasa was named the “Defensive Player of the Game” while most Seniors sat and stared at this young athlete collecting an award that mostly seniors receive.


Now leading Leone as a sophomore, Vili led the Lions Junior Varsity program to “almost” an undefeated season, as Leone claimed this years ASHSAA Football Championship Title in the Junior Varsity Division with a 7 - 1 record, as Tafuna spoiled their record with a 24 - 6 loss in their last game of the season.


Folasa was named Player of the Week twice by Samoa News for his outstanding performance this year.




Jeremiah Pritchard who was very popular as an eight grader in ASHSAA Football started out in the American Youth Football of Samoa league, back in 2011, when he led the AYFS Raiders as Quarterback, to their first Championship title game against the AYFS Bengals. Pritchard fell short claiming the title that year, nevertheless, he was selected to the AYFS All Stars twice, and has made both trips to Hawaii leding American Samoa’s All Star team with 2 victories on trips.


As an eight grader, Pritchard was needed on the Marist Crusaders Varsity squad, after the conclusion of the JV season, as Pritchard was known in the league as the “8th Grader” who made big plays in a division far beyond his age.


Transferring to the green and gold uniform last year, Pritchard led the Lions to the Championship title against the Warriors, but came short again of another championship title – but now as a Sophomore, Jeremiah led the Lions at Running Back, Receiver, Middle Linebacker, and was just basically an All-Purpose Player for the Lions, this time, he helped Leone to claim the 2013-14 Championship Title with a record of 7 - 1.


He is expected to appear in the Varsity Division for their play-off match ups to try and bring back the hopes of his older brother, Senior Linebacker Zephaniah Pritchard, who is out for the season due to a broken arm.




Leone Lions new starting quarterback Aleipata Fereti is very popular on the East Side of Tutuila, and he has just made a name for himself on the Western Side, after leading Leone to claim this year’s Championship Title in the JV Division. Fereti who first appeared on the field in the American Youth Football of Samoa league helped the AYFS Bears to their first ever play off game, where they fell short at the hands of the Raiders.


He was also selected to the AYFS All Star Team that traveled to Hawaii in 2012, and was an astounding defensive player for American Samoa, helping the AYFS to two victories against Hawaii’s East and West All Star teams.


He also appeared on the Eastern Star Youth Football League as one of the most threatening defenders on the field for the Aua Redskins, as Aua’s All Purpose Player. In 2012, Fereti led the Redskins to their second Championship title in a row after defeating the Lauli’i Patriots in 2012.


As a freshman, Fereti appeared on the Vikings football team as their starting free safety, and defensive captain who led the Vikings to the play-offs, but fell short at the hands of the Warriors.


This year, he is sporting the green and gold uniform and his first year at the Home of the Lions, he started as Quarterback, and took Leone to almost an undefeated Championship season.




Tafuna’s Sophomore Middle Linebacker Ueseli Mamea also has racked up quite a history in his young football career as he now leads the Warriors defensive unit, a transition made this year from being a former Crusader – He first appeared on the field back in 2011, when he helped the AYFS Bengals to an undefeated championship season, defeating the Raiders.


As an eight grader, Mamea made his first transfer from the Bengals to the AYFS Raiders team, where he helped the Raiders to an Undefeated Championship Season in 2012, and he was also named the Defensive Player of the Season. Mamea was selected to the AYFS All Star Team and helped American Samoa to defeat two of Hawaii’s All Star Team with his outstanding defensive skills.


Entering ASHSAA Football, Mamea appeared on the Marist Crusaders JV Team, as the Captain of the team, and playing Middle Linebacker and Running Back. Mamea struggled to keep the Crusaders heads above water and he stood out performance-wise from the rest of his team.


This year, he transferred from Marist to Tafuna, and was immediately named the Warriors Defensive Captain, playing Middle Linebacker for Tafuna. He led the Warriors to defeat the only undefeated team in the league this year, the Leone Lions in the last game of the season.




The unpredictably fast running back for the Sharks this year is still playing in this year’s season, as he was drafted up to Samoana’s Varsity team, and played his first Varsity game last Saturday against the Warriors, where Manuleleua racked up 45 yards with just 4 carries against the Warriors undefeated defensive unit, and still just a sophomore at.


Manuleleua made his first football appearance back in 2011 in the AYFS League, with the AYFS Bear, where Manuleleua led his team to their first ever play off game, but lost to the Raiders on a journey that almost came true. Manuleleua was also selected to the AYFS All Star team that traveled to Hawaii in 2012, and helped American Samoa to two victories over Hawaii.


Ferrin came back and appeared on the Lauli’i Patriots team and was the leading scorer with the most rushing yards in the Easten Star Youth Football League, where he led the Patriots to an undefeated season, until they fell to the hands of the Aua Redskins in their Championship Game.


As a freshman, Manuleleua appeared on the Vikings JV Squad, as a Team Captain, and on both sides of the ball at Running Back, Quarterback, Safety, and Linebacker. He helped the Vikings to the play-offs until they fell in the hands of the Warriors.


This year, Ferrin is sporting his Blue and White uniform proudly, as he was the only Samoana Sharks JV Player to be selected as Player of the Week this year by Samoa News, after they defeated Tafuna this season during their season opener.




Fagaitua Vikings Samuel Taliva’a might be small in size, but is certainly noticeable on the field with his outstanding performance this year, leading the Vikings to quite a season. Taliva’a who started out in the AYFS Football League back in 2011 played running back for the Chargers, as he was the leading rusher for that year.


Taliva’a was also selected to the AYFS All Star Team that defeated two of Hawaii’s big All Star teams back in 2012. Popular for his speed and juke skills, Taliva’a was wanted on both eastern side high school football programs. Last year, Sam featured on the Sharks football team at Running Back, and led the Sharks to the play offs, but fell to the hands of the Lions.


Now as a sophomore, Samuel Taliva’a is sporting his Big Red Machine uniform with the Fagaitua Vikings at both Running Back and Safety. He leads the Vikings in ground attacks and defensive picks. It will not be a surprise if Taliva’a appears on the Vikings Varsity squad this year at the rate he’s performing. He is also the only Viking that was selected as Player of the Week this year in the JV Division.