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Rugby fitness at the beach

The Mapusaga Fou Rugby team recently trained at the Utulei Beach Park for physical fitness to prepare themselves for the upcoming 2012 Moosoi Festival on October 26 & 27. The team said they are training daily and will soon be ready for the tough competition locally and from Samoa.

Other rugby teams have been seen recently at the Utulei Beach Park to train as well, running in the soft sand to build up strength in their legs and swimming for endurance. The American Samoa Under 19 International Rugby Team, meets every Friday at the beach to train with the American Samoa Aquatics Agency in the water as a part of their routine.

The fitness website,, states that when athletes are injured in the lower extremities, they are frequently told to swim to maintain fitness level. Swimming helps them stay in shape and is even part of the rehabilitation. That is because the resistance of the water makes the muscles work hard without the strain or impact that is experienced on land.

According to the American Samoa Rugby Union (ASRU) website,, the ASRU invited the Apia Rugby Union to take part in this year’s 2012 Mosooi Rugby matches and they will be bringing their Senior Men’s 15 and Senior Men’s 7’s to compete against American Samoa’s teams.

Samoa’s Senior Women’s 7’s is also to participate, and the American Samoa Women’s 7’s Teams will also compete in multiple games with the Apia Union ladies, according to the website.