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Road repairs appreciated, but don't go far enough

Pavaiai, Mapusaga Fou and Aoloau residents and motorists along with Tualauta faipule Larry Sanitoa are disappointed to learn that road repairs will only go as far up as the Thompson/Jennings tennis courts in Mapusaga Fou. This was revealed in a letter sent by Sanitoa to Public Works Director Faleosina Voight yesterday.


The Tualauta faipule initially thanked DPW on behalf of Tualauta residents and motorists for the nearly completed resurfacing project to the Iliili road and the Pavaiai loop. He noted that several residents have called to compliment the newly improved roads, and express their sincere appreciation for the improvements. They have also expressed gratitude to Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga for his firm commitment and leadership in ensuring this project is a priority, according to Sanitoa. 


“Witnessing the recent improvements to our roads, most residents of Tualauta and motorists frequently using these roads patiently await the resurfacing work for the Ottoville/Fagaima and the Vaitogi and Fogagogo Roads to materialize soon. “These particular roads have been on our pending list of urgent and critical territorial road improvement plans, and we are anxious to see their completion be a reality soon."


“In light of this, gratitude is certainly due to previous “faipule” for Tualauta for their contribution in having pushed for these same roads to be fixed. That said, I commend DPW and applaud your unwavering commitment and perseverance in recognizing the importance of maintaining the roads in American Samoa’s most populated and continually growing district. 


Regarding the work at Pavaiai-Mapusaga Fou-Aoloau Roads, the faipule said the residents and motorists are equally appreciative and grateful of the new drainage as well as the soon-to-be completed resurfacing work. “However, they have also expressed serious disappointment to learn that the road repairs will only go as far up to the Thompson’s/Jennings tennis courts and I am in total agreement."


He continued, “Director, there are several dangerous road areas past the tennis court that are severely damaged, and have become a real public safety hazard issue. There are two very large sections before Mr. Andy Forsgren's home and right before the turn to access Chief Justice Michael Kruse's home, which are in dire need of a permanent resurfacing.”


Sanitoa noted that in addition to these road sections, on the straightaway after the old American Industries site and near Mr. Lelei Peau's home, there is a long, deep trench about 2.5ft deep and about 40ft long that comes out around 3.5ft onto the road. “This area is extremely dangerous and also a safety hazard to the traveling public especially during a heavy rain downpour.”


The Tualauta faipule point out that “at least hundreds of motorists, including school buses which carry over 60 school children, plus emergency vehicles all utilize these roads regularly. Furthermore, it is of my opinion that it is urgently necessary to address the overall drainage within this area.


“Given the current plan with the drainage and resurfacing work for the Pavaiai-Mapusaga Fou-Aoloau roads, this would be the opportune time to address it now, while Federal Highway funding is available.”


Sanitoa appealed to Voight to take this into consideration in the interest of time and availability of funds, and to please add onto the work in progress for Pavaiai-Mapusaga Fou-Aoloau roads, the extension of repairs and resurfacing to these areas noted above.