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Swain, Manu’a, Aunuu, Tutuila




Farm the koko seeds


They will come, we have the best


Nothing stop believing


Our grandfathers planted the koko seeds, now,


new generation enclose the circle and


start a new circle for the next generation.


Koko Revolution! Overthrow the Negative!


Money do fall from Koko Trees forever!


Now, good energy, spirit of the American Samoa flag day is over.


Now, continue your good energy and spirit...Plant the Koko Seeds!


Samoans, Flag Day is everyday. 


Keep your energy and spirit and Keep your Islands   beautiful and clean, it will show that


you care, and it’s your mission to take good care of God’s  creations.  Show who you


really are.


Power to the farmers and the people!


Plant the Koko seed.  Amene.