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Rev Emau Amosa acquitted of charges against him

District Court Judge John Ward found former LBJ hospital employee and Congregational Christian Church of Jesus in Samoa Reverend, Emau Amosa not guilty of the public peace disturbance charge brought against him by the government.

The defendant was represented by Fiti Sunia while prosecuting was Assistant Attorney General Julie Pasquale.

Ward’s ruling came after a bench trial that was held last month

According to the government’s case, Rev. Amosa was accused of allegedly threatening LBJ Chief Financial Officer Viola Babcock. He was charged with public peace disturbance and pled not guilty.

According to the government’s case, the incident stemmed from a meeting that took place at the LBJ hospital, on February 17, 2012 between the LBJ CFO and the defendant.

The defendant admitted to police on tape that he made threatening remarks and he had not apologized to the victim, according to court documents.

It was alleged immediately after the incident, the victim contacted her supervisors at the hospital regarding the matter and she also changed the security code to the door of her office and also changed the security at her residence.

During the bench trial, the government called Viola to the stand to testify while the defense did not have any witnesses during the bench trial.

Outside the courthouse in November, Rev. Amosa told Samoa News to attend the bench trial and then the truth would come out about this incident.