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Update: Three died, over thirty injured in bus crash at Faleula

Footage of the incident's aftermath shows the bus crashed on the roadside without a roof and sides, and its seats badly damaged. [photo: Samoa Observer via]

A tragic accident at Faleula Saturday afternoon, where a speeding bus flipped several times landing on its roof, claimed three lives.   

This was confirmed by Police Superintendent and Media Spokesperson, Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo, in response to questions from the Sunday Samoan.  

“A total of 46 passengers were on the bus including the three people who died,” said Auapa’au. 

“The bus driver and two elderly women unfortunately died as a result of the tragic incident."  

“Preliminary reports from the National Health Services accounted 46 passengers, from men, women and children who were at the hospital for medical treatment."  

Auapa’au declined to further comment noting Police investigation continues.  

At the hospital, there was a heavy presence of police, families and friends of the passengers. 

One of the survivors is a 17-year-old college student at A’ana Apolima.  

Tausaga Solifono spoke to the Sunday Samoan on what had occurred. 

“The bus was packed and I was sitting on a woman at the back of the bus,” Tausaga said.  

“My grandmother was sitting with another old lady right behind the bus driver, when we got on the bus she insisted to sit behind the driver,” said the emotional Tausaga.  

Tausaga’s grandmother was one of the deceased. 

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