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Two men arrested in relation to fatal shooting of Samoan-Kiwi man in Melbourne

Ben Togiai, 30 shown in a Facebook photo with his young daughter.
Source: New Zealand Herald

Kensington, AUSTRALIA — Two Australian men have been arrested in relation to the fatal shooting of a Kiwi man outside a boxing match in Melbourne.

Ben Togiai, was believed to have been caught in the "wrong place at the wrong time" when he was shot dead outside the Melbourne Pavilion in Kensington last Friday.

Togiai, 33, was a Samoan-Kiwi brought up in South Auckland.

According to a report by The Melbourne Age, two Melbourne-based men - Abdullah El Nasher and Mikhael Myko - were arrested by NSW Police in Sydney shortly before 10pm last night.

The Age reported a "dramatic" arrest scene when police arrived a Bankstown apartment block where the two men had been hiding out.

The two arrests followed a week-long manhunt for those believed to be involved in the shooting.

"Abdullah El Nasher jumped from a balcony to a lower floor in an attempt to escape police and was treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics before being taken to Liverpool Hospital," the report read.

"On release, he will be charged with a Victorian arrest warrant for murder."

Myko, his associate, was arrested on the spot and taken to Bankstown Police Station. There, he was charged with a Victorian arrest warrant for murder.

Both men were expected to appear at Parramatta Bail Court on Saturday.


Dramatic dashcam footage from the night Togiai was killed shows the shooting spree, which left two others fighting for their lives.

The group were ambushed as they left the boxing event at Melbourne Pavilion, in Kensington, about 10pm.

The footage shows a man with a satchel slung over his shoulder running towards a confrontation unfolding across the street, just outside the pavilion's front door.

As the car gets closer a burst of three gunshots is heard, followed by another seconds later as people scatter for safety.

Meanwhile, the man with the satchel runs back the way he came.

In the space of 26 seconds, three men were shot – one lay dead and two others were badly hurt.

Togiai had gone to the event with colleagues from the construction industry.

The father of a 3-year-old daughter, was shot in the side of the chest and died at the scene.

Two other men, a 34-year-old from Lalor and a 32-year-old from Craigieburn, were both taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.

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