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Tensions mount as family banished from Samoa village

Satapuala Village Mayor Vaili Mimita. [Samoa Observer]

The family of the suspects charged in connection to the brutal murder of a 15-year-old boy in Satapuala has been ousted by the Village Council. 

And while tensions rise in the village following the killing, one of the suspect’s homes was burnt to the ground yesterday afternoon. 

The Police were called and they have launched an investigation. Arson is suspected.

In the meantime, Satapuala Village Mayor, Vaili Mimita, told the Sunday Samoan that the Village Council met on Friday after the discovery of the deceased’s body.

He said they opted to give the family an ultimatum.

“They had to pay a hefty fine of $20,000 by 4 p.m. (Saturday) or the village will demolish (mu le foaga) all their personal belongings,” Vaili said.   

 “However, with God in mind, there was a change of hearts by the chiefs."

“So we have opted to banish them instead of demolishing what this family owns, such as burning their homes and damaging everything on their family land.” 

Vaili said they will formalise their decision on Monday.

Yesterday, the Sunday Samoan arrived at Satapuala as the Chiefs and more than 30 untitled men were coming back from the area called the Poloka, where the five suspects, who have been arrested, reside. 

Vaili confirmed that one of the family homes of the suspects was burned to the ground.

He assured that the Village did not have anything to do with the fire. 

 “As you can see, we just came back from officially informing the family they will be removed from Satapuala,” Vaili said.

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