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Samoa'a seasonal workers told to avoid extramarital affairs

 Samoa RSE workers
Source: RNZI

Apia, SAMOA — Samoans in the New Zealand seasonal workers scheme have been told if they commit adultery they will be brought home.

The Minister for Commerce, Industry and Labour, Lautafi Selafi Purcell told Newsline Samoa that his intentions are serious.

He said the government would not condone infidelity that would cause social upheavals at home.

He said there was only one end for any infidelity while on the scheme and that was a one way ticket home.

Since the scheme started, acts of infidelity have been immortalized, albeit humorously, in song but it has taken on a more serious tone after formal complaints from spouses reached the ear of the prime minister.

Lautafi admitted there was no formal policy to police extra marital behaviour but he says the best the government can do is advise the workers before they leave to be on good behavior.