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Samoa police officer assaulted while making arrest

Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil
Source: Newsline Samoa

Apia, SAMOA — A Salelologa man who assaulted a police officer who was making an arrest has brought himself and his family a lot of grief from the police and the village.

The officer of the law was reportedly struck with an ‘amo’ or wooden staff used for carrying shoulder loads about a fortnight ago.

The attacker who ran off while the arresting officer went on to take in the offender as directed, is yet to be found.

The Commissioner of Police, Fuiavailili Egon Keil, confirmed the attack and that the officer suffered minor injuries but has since recovered and is back at work.

The Commissioner stated that the assault on any law enforcer is an assault on the Government. He is asking the public to assist Police in finding the man responsible for the attack.

The traditional authority of chiefs and orators of Salelologa village have already imposed a fine on the attacker of 100 pigs (sows), fine mats, food and money.

A stern warning is sounded in the village also that the attack on any officer of the law or any other person is not accepted.

 “We do not tolerate any act of violence against anyone especially a police officer or other people visiting Salelologa. That is not us,” village pulenu’u Tuilimu Manuele told Newsline.

 “This unfortunate incident is against every principle of law and order we represent as a community. The village is shocked and disappointed.”

Tuilimu said that the village is assisting the Police in the search for the attacker.

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