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Samoa police caution about false stories over alleged abduction attempt

Samoa Police Service badge

Apia, SAMOA — No children have been reported missing since the news broke about a van making its way around the country, allegedly attempting to kidnap young girls.

This is the latest update from the Police last night, as the country continues to be on the look out for the whereabouts of the van.

“S.P.S. wishes to inform the public that so far there is no confirmation of any missing children reported,” the Police update said. 

“S.P.S. also notes a growing number of false and misleading information being shared and circulated on social media.”

Such information has led to threats on the wrong people and their properties. 

“We advise members of the public to refrain from taking matters into their own hands." 

“Damages to properties as a result of individuals taking matters into their own hands is a criminal offence.”

But the Police say they are continuing their investigation into the alleged abduction attempt.

“S.P.S. is endeavoring to ensure that information provided by members of the public is traced to confirm any truth to these accounts. S.P.S. continues to advise parents and guardians to be vigilant to ensure the safety and well being of our vulnerable children.”

Last week, Liua Vaasili Savai’inaea, 27, of Salailua Savai’i, claimed to have rescued two girls from their abductors at Vaitele.

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