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Samoa Ministry awaits official report on linesman’s death

EPC linesmen at work on the power lines

Apia, SAMOA — The Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour (MCIL) is holding off any official statement on the recent death of an electrical linesman, until a full report from the investigation into the fatal incident is ready.

MCIL is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of workers are looked after in the work place as required by law.

An Electric Power Corporation linesman, 22-year-old Tevita Amituanai Akisa, died when accidentally electrocuted while working on power lines last month.

MCIL Assistant CEO, Niuafolau Helen Uiese, in an interview with Newsline Samoa said that any comments from the Ministry will depend on the findings from the investigations.

“The root cause of the accident is still under investigation, and the final report is required before the Ministry (MCIL) can recommend to the EPC safeguards against similar accidents in future.”

Niuafolau added that no reports of electrocutions in the previous years have been reported to the ministry, but it is their job to ensure that standard procedures are followed and that staff safety remains a priority.

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