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Police K-9 catches two suspects within an hour

Beaverton, OREGON  — A police K-9 tracked down a suspect who is accused of going into a woman’s apartment in Beaverton, Oregon and exposing himself as she slept, police officials said.

K-9 Malietoa (or ‘Toa, for short) is named for the Samoan word for “brave warrior.”

Toa lived up to his name on Tuesday night, officials said, when he and his partner Officer Jered Lutu tracked down two suspects sought in unrelated home invasion crimes -all within the span of 45 minutes.

One of the suspects is accused of trying to sneak into a woman’s apartment. The woman tells KATU news she asked the man to leave and he “exposed himself to her.”

Toa managed to apprehend the suspect a mile away after responding to a call that a man had broken in to two unoccupied apartments near Beaverton High School.

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